How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription In 4 Ways?

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription In 4 Ways?

If you think that the Lumosity program did not meet its expectations or did not deliver the promised results, then it is the correct decision if you are planning your Lumosity subscription. And if you are not sure about how to do that on your device or platform, then we are here to help you out with that.

Lumosity is a subscription-based online platform that offers cognitive training and brain games to help users improve their memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving skills. The program is designed to challenge and stimulate the brain through a series of games and exercises that are personalized to the user’s unique abilities and goals. 

To cancel your Lumosity subscription, head to their official website and log in to your account. Tap on the Account option where you will see the Manage option for your subscription. Select that and click on the Cancel Subscription option and follow up as directed. 

Continue reading this article if you want to get to know all the possible methods by which your subscription to Lumosity can be easily terminated. 

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription? 

There are several ways of canceling your subscription to Lumosity depending upon the platform or device that you are using to do so. Don’t worry, all the methods with explained procedures have been explained below so you can check them out.

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription On Website?

To cancel your subscription to Lumosity right from their official website, here are the steps that you will be required to follow. 

1. Head to the official website of Lumosity on your device’s web browser.

2. Log in to your Lumosity account.

3. At the top of the screen will be the “Account” option, click on it.

4. From the dropdown menu that appears on the screen, you need to select the “Manage Subscription” option.

5. On the next page, just click on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

6. Finally, you just have to follow up with the prompts to confirm your cancelation. 

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription On Android? 

Android users can cancel their subscription to Lumosity from their device’s Google Play Store and here are the steps for the same. 

1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the “Menu” icon at the top right of the screen with three horizontal lines.

3. Next, go to the “Payments and Subscriptions” section.

4. Select Subscriptions to view a list of your active subscriptions from your account.

5. Look for your Lumosity subscription and tap on it.

6. Lastly, you can tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your cancelation. 

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription On iOS? 

If you are using an iOS device and purchased the Lumosity subscription from your AppStore, then here are the steps that you can follow to easily cancel the respective subscription. 

1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device. 

2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen. 

3. Tap on Subscriptions and select your Lumosity subscription from the list. 

4. Select the Cancel Subscription option available on the screen.

5. Finally, just follow the prompts to confirm your decision the cancelation of your subscription. 

How To Cancel Lumosity Subscription By Contacting Customer Service?

If you do not want to go through the hassle of manually canceling your subscription to Lumosity, then you can also take assistance from their customer support team to do that for you. 

Here are the steps that you will be needed to follow if you want the customer service of Lumosity to cancel your subscription on their platform for you.

1. Head to the official website of Lumosity on your web browser.

2. At the bottom of the screen will be the “Help Center” link, click on it. 

3. Here, you will find the Contact Us button, click on it.

4. A support form will display on the screen you need to fill out.

5. Choose the “Billing and Cancelation” option from the dropdown menu.

6. Provide your account information and explain that you want to cancel your subscription.

7. A customer support executive will reach out to you whose instructions you can follow to complete the cancelation process. 

Cancel Lumosity Subscription – FAQs

Can You Get A Refund From Lumosity Subscription?

If you cancel your subscription to Lumosity before the first thirty days of subscribing to the plan whether monthly or annual, then you will be able to receive a full refund for the same. However, if you terminate the subscription after this period, then you will not get any amount as a refund even if your subscription goes unused. 

Can You Have Access To Lumosity After Canceling Subscription?

Once you cancel your Lumosity subscription, you will lose access to the program and its features, including your progress tracking, scientific insights, and training recommendations. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have found the method that you had been looking for in order to have your Lumosity subscription terminated depending upon the device that you were using your subscription on.

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