How To Cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Membership?

How To Cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Membership?

Do you know that many gyms across the world are designed especially for women? Yes, Lucille Roberts Women’s Fitness Gym now offers training sessions and free fitness orientation. Do Not Panic! You will receive guaranteed benefits from their services, but if you ever feel that they are not for you, you can cancel your membership with Lucille Roberts using a few simple steps. 

The Lucille Roberts Women’s Fitness chain of women-only health clubs primarily served the Northeastern region of the country. The business provided a selection of fitness classes, tools, and personal training services. Lucille Roberts Women’s Fitness, in addition to emphasizing fitness, also emphasized the value of living a healthy lifestyle and provided nutritional counseling and weight loss programs.

With these three effective methods, you can cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Membership.

  • Cancel By In Person
  • Cancel Via Certified Mail
  • Cancel Via Customer Service Number

Can You Cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Membership at any time but under some conditions. Their cancelation policy is different according to the contract. 

  1. If your membership is without any commitment, then you can cancel your membership at any time by providing a notice to the sports club team. You need to pay some cancelation fee. 
  1. Membership within the commitment period can be canceled under these criteria.
  • Early Termination: With the required notice period, there will be a fee for early termination
  • Medical Cancelation: Upon receipt of medical records that have been approved, immediate cancellation. Depending on state laws, fees might be required.
  • Moving Cancelation: Documentation for the relocation must be received and approved. The minimum distance, cancellation fee, and notice period will be governed by state law.

How To Cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness By In Person?

You must physically visit one of their clubs during operating hours to cancel your Lucille Roberts Women’s Fitness membership. Your membership card and any other pertinent paperwork for your membership should be brought with you.

When you get there, speak with a manager or a staff member and let them know you want to cancel your membership. You will be given a cancellation form to complete and sign.

Make sure to carefully read the cancellation terms as there might be a specific notice period needed or other requirements to cancel without incurring a fee.

You ought to get a notification that your membership has been canceled after submitting the cancellation form and any necessary supporting documents. Make sure to take any additional necessary actions, like returning any equipment or paying any outstanding balances.

Here is the Address of Lucille Roberts Department. You can also visit here to cancel your membership.

70-20 Austin Street              

Forest Hills, NY 11375


Club Hours

Mon-Thu: 6 am to 10 pm

Fri: 6 am to 8 pm

Sat: 8 am to 5 pm

Sun: 8 am to 4 pm

How To Cancel Lucille Roberts Women Fitness Via Certified Mail?

You can also cancel your membership by sending a cancelation letter to Lucille Roberts Members Service Department. You will need to follow these steps to do so.

  1. Write a cancelation letter with your membership number, address, and full name. 
  1. Mentioned your intention to cancel your membership along with the date on which you want the cancelation to take effect. 
  1. Give a succinct justification for why you are terminating your membership.
  1. Sign the letter
  1. The letter should be copied for your records.
  1. Send the correspondence by certified mail, return receipt requested. This will ensure that the club receives your cancellation request and give you proof of delivery.
  1. Contact the club again to ascertain that your membership has been terminated and to address any unresolved problems or queries.

 Lucille Roberts Customer Service Number For Membership Cancelation?

Lucille Roberts provides you with their contact form for membership cancelation. You can visit their Contact Page for the form. In the form, you need to first choose your “Subject”, then select the “Feedback” category, and Select Your Club. Write down your comments or views on membership cancelation, so that they know that you want to cancel your membership. 

Then, include your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone. Tick the checkbox and hit the “Submit” button. They will contact you soon at your given contact number, after receiving your form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Lucille Roberts?

No refunds will be given, once you are charged for the membership plan. All sales are final, so even after cancelation, you will not get your refund back. 

Can You Freeze Your Lucille Roberts Membership?

Yes, you can. If for some reason, you are not able to use your membership services for some months, then instead of cancelation, you have the option to freeze your membership. To submit your Freeze Request to their team, you need to send them a “contact form” with the “Freeze Membership” subject. 

Does Lucille Roberts Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Before taking its membership, you can try its gym classes free for 5 days. 

What Are The Benefits Of Lucille Roberts Guest Pass?

With Lucille Roberts Guest Pass, you can get up to 30 days free trial period plan. You will get access to locker rooms and training equipment and many more benefits. 


Read the terms and conditions of your membership contract carefully before canceling to understand any notice obligations or cancellation fees. Keep a copy of any cancellation forms or supporting documentation for your records. Also, Know, how to cancel Sports Direct Gym Membership.

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