How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? Two Ways To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? Two Ways To Cancel!!

Did you find your Loot Crate Subscription worth your money? If not, then you can cancel Loot Crate subscription with some of these simple steps mentioned in this article. 

Loot Crate is an online website that deals in providing Geek Subscription boxes for gaming and nerds. But, for this, you have to take the Loot Crate Subscription, and every month, the Geek Subscription box is delivered to your home. 

You can cancel your Loot Crate Subscription by logging into your account or by getting help from their customer support service team. You can send an Email to their team. 

Can You Cancel Your Loot Crate Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Loot Crate Subscription at any time. Make sure that you cancel your subscription at least 48 days before your next renewal date of getting charged. 

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription Online?

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription? Two Ways To Cancel- How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription Online?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Loot Crate Subscription- 

  1. Go to the Loot Crate Website
  2. Login into your Loot Crate Account
  3. Navigate to the My Subscriptions page
  4. Find the Loot Crate subscription to cancel it
  5. Click on the Cancel Subscription option
  6. Proceed some more steps to confirm the cancelation 

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription Via Email?

You can also get assistance from the Loot Crate customer service team for canceling the subscription. 

For this, you have to contact their team at [email protected] and submit your subscription cancelation request to their team. 

After receiving your Email request, their team will contact you soon and will help you in canceling your subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund After Canceling The Loot Crate Subscription?

No, after canceling your subscription, you will not get any refund or prorated refund from Loot Crate. 
So, it’s better to cancel your subscription before you get charged for your new billing month. 

How Much Does Loot Crate Subscription?

Shop Loot Subscription Crates at the following prices- Loot Crate ($29.99), Loot Anime ($29.99), Loot Fright ($34.99), Wizarding World ($39.99), Fallout Crate ($39.99), Loot Socks ($9.99), and Loot Tees ($13.99). All the subscriptions are monthly. 

How To Contact Loot Crate Customer Service?

You can contact their customer service team at [email protected]. Go to their Help Center for more information. 


Follow these above-mentioned methods and cancel your Loot Crate Subscription. In case, you need any support, get in contact with their customer service team.

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