How To Cancel Klarna Order In 4 Easy Steps?

How To Cancel Klarna Order

Regretting your Klarna purchase after being caught up in a shopping craze? Not to worry! A Klarna order cancellation is easier than you might imagine. We’ll walk you through the simple steps to cancel your order in this guide to help you deal with buyer’s remorse. Let’s get going!

A variety of online payment options are provided by the Swedish financial technology company Klarna, including “buy now, pay later” services that let customers pay for their purchases over time in installments. After placing an order with Klarna, a customer can use the app or website to track payments and manage their account.

The steps to cancel your Klarna Order include the following- Contact the Store> Wait for the Store’s Confirmation> Check for Updates in the Klarna App> Receive a Refund. You will get to know about these steps in complete detail later in this article. 

Can You Cancel Your Klarna Order?

Yes, If you want to cancel your Klarna order, get in touch with the retailer or service provider directly. Since we are not the contracting party, we are unable to provide you with information on contract processing and rescission as a payment provider.

How To Cancel Klarna Order And Get A Refund?

Follow these steps to cancel your Klarna order.

  • To cancel your order, get in touch with the shop directly. You need to follow the store’s cancelation policy because as a payment provider, Klarna does not cancel your order. 
  • Upon receipt of a cancellation confirmation from the store, they will cancel your payment as necessary and refund any amounts already paid.
  • Under Purchases in the Klarna app, you can always check the status of your order.
  • The length of time it takes to process a refund varies depending on your financial institution and can reach 14 days. Please chat with our Customer Service with your cancellation confirmation available if 14 days have passed since the store confirmed your cancellation and you haven’t received your refund.

How To Cancel Klarna Order In The Merchant Portal?

The procedure to cancel your Klarna Order in the Merchant Portal requires the simple steps- Visit Klarna Website> Log in to Klarna Account> Navigate to Orders Page> Click on More Actions> Tap on Cancel button. Orders that have been captured should be refunded rather than canceled.

How To Cancel Automatic Payments On Klarna?

Your payments are deducted automatically from the associated card or bank account in accordance with the predetermined payment schedule. To cancel automatic payments on Klarna, you need to remove your card from your bank account with these simple steps- Go to your Klarna Settings> Tap on Payment Methods> Click on Remove your Stored Card. 

How To Contact Klarna Customer Service?

You can get questions to all of your queries on the Klarna Customer Service Page. On that page, you will get all answers to most of the questions or queries a person should face. If still you want to talk directly to the Klarna Customer Service team, then you have a Chat With Us and Calling option available. 

You can talk directly with their team over a phone call at 844-KLARNA1 (844) 552 7621. You can call them at any time, as their calling services are open 24/7

Chat with their team by clicking on the Chat With Us button on their customer service page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Return Klarna Order?

If you are unable to cancel your Klarna Order, then you can return your order once it is delivered to you. Follow these steps to return the order from Klarna-

  • Log in to your Klarna Account
  • Go to your Orders Page
  • Select the order or item you want to return
  • Click on the Report Return button 

How To Close Your Klarna Account?

If you want to cancel your Klarna Account, then contact their customer service team directly via call or chat and ask them to cancel your account. Make sure to pay all of your outstanding balances before making an account deletion request. 

Can You Cancel A Klarna Payment In Progress?

No, once your bank has received the transfer order, a payment made using Klarna’s direct banking cannot be canceled. 

What Happens If I Remove My Card From Klarna?

If you remove your card from your Klarna Account, then your automatic payment automatically stopped and you will not get charged for your future purchases on your own. 


No more struggle to cancel your Klarna Order with the steps mentioned in this article. You can ask the merchant to cancel the order for you if you can’t find a “Cancel order” button or are having trouble doing so through the Klarna app or website. You won’t be charged for the purchase after the order is canceled, and any payments or authorizations will also be void.

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