How To Cancel Kiplinger’s Subscription? One Simple Method!!

How To Cancel Kiplinger's Subscription?

If you are a Kiplinger’s magazine subscriber but are now tired to receive the piles of financial magazines that you never read, then you don’t need to bother anymore because we are here to help you cancel Kiplinger’s subscription and to cut down your expenses. 

If you want guidance on topics such as investing, retirement, insurance, taxes, and more, then Kiplinger is the choice for most people. It is a well-known American publisher which deals in personal finance and business forecasts. For more than 90 years, millions of readers around the world have trusted Kiplinger’s magazine as a reliable source of financial information. But, if you are someone who is not satisfied with the information provided by Kiplinger, then here is a way to cancel it.

You can get in contact with their customer support service team to cancel your Kiplinger subscription. You can contact their team over a phone call. You will get to know about it in complete detailed steps later in this article. 

Can You Cancel Kiplinger’s Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Kiplinger’s Personal Magazine Subscription at any time. As Kiplinger’s believes in providing you with uninterrupted services, their subscription plan auto-renews annually. So, it is recommended to cancel your Kiplinger subscription before its new billing period starts. 

How To Cancel Kiplinger’s Subscription Over The Phone?

Call 1-800-544-0155 to reach Kiplinger’s customer service if you’d rather cancel your subscription over the phone. The steps to canceling your subscription are as follows:

  1. Call the customer service line for Kiplinger. From Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, the calling lines are open.
  1. Give your account details, such as your account number or mailing address, when you are connected to a customer service agent. Additional information may be requested by the representative to confirm your identity.
  1. Inform the agent that you want to cancel your subscription. They might inquire as to the reason for your cancellation, but it’s not necessary.
  1. If there is an unpaid balance on your account, the representative will let you know about it and let you know if you qualify for a refund. You must settle any unpaid balance before your subscription can be canceled if there is one.
  1. Ask the representative to confirm the cancellation and the day it will take effect after you have canceled your subscription.
  1. For your records, keep a copy of the confirmation details that the representative provided.

Remember to verify that the subscription fee has been canceled on your subsequent credit card or bank statement. If you experience any problems during the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kiplinger’s customer service once more for additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Kiplinger Customer Care Team?

Here are the contact details from which you can get in touch with Kiplinger Customer Service Team. 

Kiplinger Customer Service Phone Number: 202-887-6426

Kiplinger Customer Service Email Address: [email protected] 

You can visit Kiplinger’s Customer Service Page for additional information. 


We hope that you must completely understand the procedure for canceling your Kiplinger Personal Magazine Subscription. Calling is the most preferred method to cancel the subscription. However, for getting in touch with their team, you need to contact their customer service team either by phone call or email. 

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