How To Cancel Just Answer Membership? 4 Effective Ways!!

How To Cancel Just Answer Membership?

It seems like some question is keep sticking in your mind again and again and you will not get a satisfactory answer for it. Don’t Stress! Just Answer is available to provide complete responses to all of your inquiries. If you are not familiar with this platform, you can sign up to use its services. If you don’t like it, follow the instructions listed below to cancel Just Answer. 

If you want to get answers to all of your queries related to different topics on a single platform, then Just Answer is a must-try for you. Yes, it is a service that provides the correct and proper answer to your questions. The best part about this platform is your answers should be given by the top experts in that particular domain. It provides answers to almost all topics which include- IT, Medicine, Mechanics, Accounts, Animal Care Medicines, Law, and many more. 

You can cancel your Just Answer Subscription simply by visiting your Just Answer Account and following the steps to cancel your subscription otherwise you can also contact their customer service team for getting help in canceling your subscription. The choice is yours!!

Can You Cancel Your Just Answer Membership?

Don’t Worry!! If you don’t like their services, Just Answer made their cancelation process so much easier that even a new person can also cancel it on their own. Let’s move forward to know about its possible cancelation methods. 

How To Cancel Just Answer Membership From Website?

You can simply able to cancel your Just Answer Membership online from your account. Follow these steps to cancel your Just Answer Membership.

  1. Visit the Just Answer Website and log in to your account
  2. Go to the My Account section
  3. Then, click on Cancel Membership from the Membership panel. 
  4. You can more questions to your questions from the FAQ section of their Help Page. 

How To Cancel Just Answer Membership Over The Phone?

You can also contact their customer support service team to make your Just Answer Membership cancelation possible. Most people opt for this calling method to cancel their Just Answer Membership as this is one of the most direct and convenient ways to reach out to their team. 

You just need to make a call to their available phone number and wait for 15 minutes to connect someone from their team with you on a call and talk to their team member on a call related to your cancelation process. They will provide you with the steps to cancel your membership or cancel it for you. 

Just Answer Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • US: 1-800-509-5721
  • Canada: 1-800-509-5721
  • Argentina: 0800-345-1301
  • Australia: 1800-679-634
  • Austria: 0800 017862

You will get phone numbers for other countries by clicking on the “The rest of the world” link from the bottom of the Just Answer Contact Page. 

How To Cancel Just Answer Membership Via Email?

Follow these steps to cancel your Just Answer Membership via Email. 

  • Open the Just Answer Contact Page and tap on the email link under the “Still need help?” section. 
  • You will then be provided with an Email Form, which you will need to fill
  • Include your Name and Email Address. Then, type a short message to tell them about your issue
  • Finally, hit the “Send” button
  • You will get a reply from their team within 24 hours 

How To Cancel Just Answer Membership Via Live Chat?

The other way to get in contact with their team is via Live Chatting. Yes, Just Answer provides you with the Live Chat function. To get access to its feature, you need to go to their Contact Page> Click on the Get Help Now option> A chat box appears on the left side of the screen> Type your questions first to start the chat. 

How Can I Request A Just Answer Membership Refund?

If you are not satisfied with its membership, then you can cancel its membership at any time. After cancelation, you can also submit a refund request to Just Answer Team by contacting their Customer Care.

Submit your request to get back your refund for the canceled membership, and if you are eligible for a refund, they will credit your refund to your bank account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Just Answer Customer Service?

Go to the Just Answer Customer Care Contact Page. There you will get the option to contact their team which includes- Phone Calls, Email, and Live Chat. 

How Much Is Just Answer Membership Cost?

The monthly membership fee for Just Answer is dependent on how you signed up for the membership. In some links, you will be charged $1 for a week as a trial charge before taking the actual subscription. The actual subscription cost is $46-$55 per month. 


Well!! The choice is yours. You wanna continue with Just Answer Membership or put an end to this? If you do not want to continue with its membership anymore, then opt for any of these methods to cancel it. 

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