How To Cancel JetBlue Credit Card? Learn To Cancel In 4 Steps

How To Cancel JetBlue Credit Card?

Do you believe that there are a lot of companies offering better credit cards with great features that keeping your JetBlue credit card is not worth it? Then it is time to cancel your JetBlue card and we are here to help you with the same. 

JetBlue credit card comes with great offers, but at the same time, it also comes with annual fee, foreign transaction fees, and their rewards are also limited. So, it is normal if someone wishes to cancel it.   

To cancel your JetBlue credit card, you need to first pay off your outstanding balance, and then make a phone call to the customer support team of JetBlue and request the cancelation of your credit card. 

Keep reading if you wish to know the whole procedure in detail about how you can easily cancel your JetBlue credit card along with related details you might find necessary. 

How To Cancel Jetblue Credit Card?

If you have rigidly made up your mind to get your JetBlue credit card canceled, here are the detailed steps that you will be required to follow for this.

Pay Off Your Balance 

The first ever thing that you need to do is to clear your outstanding balances if any. Pay off all the balance on your credit card otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your credit card. 

Call The Customer Care Agent

The next step that you need to go for is to contact the customer support team of JetBlue over the phone. You will need to call 1 800 JET BLUE (1 800 538 2583) and you will be connected with one of the customer service agents of JetBlue who you can have a conversation with. 

Before you make the call, you should have your JetBlue account details and card number with you beforehand as the agent is going to ask you for that and you will need to provide the information accordingly. 

Make Your Cancelation Request

Request the agent to terminate your JetBlue credit card and the agent will process the request and your card shall be canceled eventually. 

Make sure that you ask the representative to provide you with a confirmation message on the successful termination of your credit card. 

Destroy The Card  

The final step after your credit card is already canceled is to destroy it. You can do this by cutting it into pieces or shredding it. This is necessary so that no one is able to make any unauthorized use of your personal information.      


Will Canceling JetBlue Card Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes, whenever you cancel your credit card, be it your JetBlue card or any other,  it will surely affect your credit score and the amount of impact on your credit score depends upon how long you’ve had the card. 

Can You Cancel Your JetBlue Credit Card Online?

No, the only way in which you can get your JetBlue credit card canceled is by requesting their customer service over the phone. So, you will not be allowed to cancel your respective credit card online. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For JetBlue Credit Card?    

You do not need to worry about being charged with any cancelation fee when you wish to terminate your JetBlue credit card, but only if you cancel it after 60 days of opening it, otherwise, you will be charged with the annual fees that you have already paid.   

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article on how you can cancel your credit card from JetBlue in easy steps. We hope that our easy guide has been helpful for you to easily go through the cancelation process. However, if you still face any issues, feel free to let us know. 

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