How To Cancel JCPenney Credit Card? Effective Cancellation Steps!

How To Cancel JCPenney Credit Card?

Do you no longer want to use your JCPenney Credit card or have you found a better option? Well, whatever the reason is, we will help you provide easy steps that will allow you to cancel your JCPenney credit card whenever you want. 

The store card, and JCPenney credit card, keep a record of all your spending and offer you rewards accordingly. You get points with every dollar you spend and these points issue rewards certificates. With this, you also get other common benefits of a credit card. 

You can cancel your JCPenney credit card if you don’t want to continue using their services by contacting their Customer Support. Complete all the required actions and contact Customer Service who will further direct you toward the cancellation steps. 

What Does JCPenney Credit Card Do?

JCPenney Credit Card is a store card provided by Synchrony Bank that provides users with several benefits and perks. You get the reward of 1 point per $1 spent on the specified JCPenney purchases. Users also receive a rewards certificate from JCPenney of $10 for every 200 points earned. Continuous use of this credit card will enhance your status and provide you with extra benefits, discounts, and rewards as soon as you reach the Gold or Platinum tier. You can reach this status when you have specific points or make preferred purchases through JCPenney. 

This JCPenney credit card is only available to use at JCPenney stores or at online JCPenney purchases. You can also use this card at Sephora stores and its online shopping platform. Use the card to pay your bills and get rewards for every dollar you spend.

How Do I Cancel My JCPenney Credit Card? Can I Cancel JCPenney Credit Card Online?

It is easy to cancel your JCPenney credit card and all you need to do is contact Customer Support for the same but before that, you must follow some steps to ensure the procedure completes easily. You must also realize that you cannot cancel your JCPenney credit card online. Only following these steps will help you.

1. Make Sure Your Balance Is All Paid

You won’t be able to cancel your credit card if you still have unpaid charges. Pay all your balance and make the final payments to initiate your credit card cancellation procedure. If you don’t want to purchase from JCPenney then you can also transfer your balance. 

2. Use All The Rewards

You know that your purchases and spendings provide you with several rewards so before canceling your credit card, redeem all the rewards so that you get the last few benefits of your purchasing activities on JCPenney. 

3. Interact With Customer Support

After you are done with paying the final balance and redeeming all the remaining awards, it is now time to contact JCPenney Customer Services to cancel your credit card. You will be required to dial (800) 542-0800 to contact Customer Support and tell them that you wish to cancel your JCPenney credit card. Provide them with all the required details and follow the cancellation steps as directed by their representatives. 

Make sure to keep a close eye on your JCPenney account activities for up to 90 days of your cancellation request and when it is completely done, delete your account and destroy your physical card accordingly. 

How To Close My JCPenney Account?

If you are sure that you no longer wish to continue using the services of JCPenney then you can easily close your account by following the required steps. 

1. Make The Final Payment

You will get to know your recent balance through your JCPenney monthly statement. If you still owe some balance in your account then make your final payment or transfer the money to a different account. 

2. Contact Customer Support

After you are done with your final payment on the account, you will be required to contact JCPenney Customer Service to close your account. Dial 1-800-542-0800 to interact with a JCPenney Customer Support agent or find out your region-specific service number from the official website. Tell them that you wish to cancel your JCPenney account and they will help you. Provide them with the necessary details they ask for to close your account. 

Cancel Account Via Mail

You can also close your JCPenney account by mailing them all your details. Write down all your personal and account details with your identity proof that they may require to close your account. You can find out your mailing address from the website and send them accordingly. It might take some time but you will receive a cancellation confirmation message from them. 

Cancel JCPenney Credit Card- FAQs

What Happens If I Don’t Use My JCPenney Credit Card?

If you do not use your JCPenney credit card for a year then they will drop your credit line. Also, if your JCPenney account inactivity is measured for two years then they will close your JCPenney account if you are still not using it. 

Why Did JCPenney Close My Account? JCPenney Credit Card Closed Due To Inactivity

JCPenney will close your account if there is no activity in it. If your account remains inactive for about two years then they will close your account so if you want to prevent this, use your JCPenney account at least once a month. 

What To Do If I Lose My JCPenney Credit Card? How Do I Freeze My JCPenney Card?

If you somehow lost your JCPenney credit card, immediately contact JCPenney Customer Support and report the incident to them. Request them for your card replacement and they will help you. Dial (800) 542-0800 to contact them.

You may also freeze your account online by logging in and then going to the Services tab. Now select the Lost or Stolen Card option there. After that, you must follow the steps as prompted on screen and complete the procedure.

How To Contact JCPenney Credit Card Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your JCPenney Credit Card then you can get in touch with JCPenney Credit Card Support department by dialing their help number 1 (800) 542-0800. You can also call on their Customer Service number 1 (800) 322-1189 for other related queries.

Wrap Up

JCPenney credit card helps you with your shopping and also provides you rewards accordingly. But if you do not require their services anymore then you can easily cancel your credit card and even close your account by following the steps we discussed above. Contact their Customer Support for more queries related to your account. 

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