How To Cancel ICBC Auto Insurance?

How To Cancel ICBC Auto Insurance?

It seems like you are not satisfied with the benefits provided to you by the ICBC Insurance policy. That’s why you wanna cancel ICBC Insurance and are thinking of switching to another insurance company. 

ICBC is an Auto Insurance company that provides insurance for your vehicles and ensures your road safety. They offer the services to provide a driver’s license & ID. If you want to cancel your ICBC Insurance, then here is what you have to do.

You can cancel your ICBC Auto insurance policy by visiting the AutoPlan Broker and getting their help in cancelation.  

How To Cancel ICBC Insurance?

How To Cancel ICBC Auto Insurance- How To Cancel ICBC Auto Insurance?

You can cancel your ICBC Insurance policy by going to the AutoPlan Broker. Make sure that you take the following things with you before going to the Autoplan Broker. 

  • Primary and Secondary ID
  • License Plates 
  • Owner’s Certificate (Registration & Insurance) 
  • If the vehicle has two owners, then both owners need to be present at the office. 

Cancel ICBC Policy For Payment Plan Customers

You need to cancel at least one day before your due payment, if you are on its payment plan. Go to the AutoPlan Broker and get answers to all of your questions related to the policy cancellation. 

Cancelling Your Policy After Selling Your Vehicle

If you sell your vehicle and then want to cancel your policy, then go to the AutoPlan Broker. Make sure that you take your license plates and insurance papers with you. 

Then, the AutoPlan Broker will advise you to cancel the insurance or transfer your policy to another person. 

Canceling Your Policy If You Lease The Vehicle

In that case, you need to contact the Leasing company. As the Leasing company owns your vehicle, you need to get permission from them to cancel your ICBC policy. 

Canceling Your Policy Outside The B.C

Cancelation of the ICBC Policy outside B.C. depends on whether someone has B.C. plates or not. 

If Someone Has B.C. Plates

You have to mail your plates to their team along with the following information- 

  • A cancellation letter that includes your license plate number, phone number, address, and your signature
  • A photocopy of the document which shows that your vehicle is registered outside the B.C.

Send your cancelation letter, photocopy, and plates to the following mailing address

ICBC- Cancellations

Room 205- 151 West Esplanade

North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9

If Someone Surrendered License Plates

Send a cancellation letter to their team along with the license plate number, new phone number, new address, and a copy of the receipt that shows that your license plates are surrendered. 

You can send your cancellation letter through Mail to ICBC- Cancellations Room 205- 151 West Esplanade North Vancouver BC V7M 3H9. 

Through Fax to 604-661-6727 or via Email to [email protected] 

Canceling The Policy If The Registered Owner Passes Away

If the registered owner of the vehicle passes away, then to cancel the policy, you need to get in contact with the AutoPlan Broker soon for smooth cancelation and refund. 

How To Cancel ICBC Insurance Out-Of Province?

To cancel your ICBC Insurance from out-of-province, make a call on these phone numbers. 

  • B.C., Canada, and the U.S.  1-800-663-3051
  • Lower Mainland  604-661-2800

Operational Hours

Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get An ICBC Cancel Insurance Refund?

Yes, to get a refund you need to cancel your ICBC policy as soon as possible. 

Can I Suspend My Insurance For A Short Period Of Time?

No, you are not allowed to suspend your ICBC insurance policy. 

How To Contact ICBC Customer Service?

You can go through the ICBC Contact Page to get contact information. 


You can cancel your ICBC insurance policy with the methods discussed above. Make sure that you find a better insurance company for yourself before you cancel the ICBC. You can also cancel your Erie Insurance Policy.

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