How To Cancel Hotworx Membership In These 2 Easy Methods?

How To Cancel Hotworx Membership

Do you find the subscription price of Hotworx too expensive? If you are not able to pay more for its subscription, then you can cancel Hotworx membership with the methods discussed in this article. 

Hotworx is a physical fitness program that allows you to fit by detoxifying your body with its heat absorption program along with other physical activities too. Their workout includes- heat sauna, exercises, and infrared. 

You can cancel your Hotworx Membership by submitting your cancelation request to their team via the contact form or by visiting the Hotworx studio. 

Go to the end of this article and know the possible methods to cancel your Hotworx Membership with more clarity. 

Can You Cancel Your Hotworx Membership? Hotworx Cancellation Policy

  • Yes, you can cancel your Hotworx Membership at any time. You just need to send a 4-week cancelation notice to their team after the first installment term is finished. 
  • You can cancel your membership within the initial 7 days without paying any cancelation fee. After 7 days, a cancelation fee will be charged. 

How To Cancel Hotworx Membership In Person?

Follow these simple rules to cancel the Hotworx Membership by visiting the studio. 

  • You can cancel your Hotworx Membership by visiting the Hotworx Health Club studio nearest to your location
  • Ask the studio manager to cancel your Hotworx Membership
  • They will then provide you with the membership cancellation form. You have to fill out the form with the correct details 
  • Give that form back to the manager and they will start the cancelation procedure for you
  • After some time, your Hotworx membership will be canceled. 

How To Cancel Hotworx Membership Agreement Via Contact Form?

Here’s how properly you can fill out the Hotworx Contact Form and submit your request to cancel the membership directly to their team. 

  • You can also submit your membership cancelation request to the Hotworx customer service team by filling out their Contact Form.
  • Fill out the form with your personal details and select the location of your studio
  • Then, finally, add a cancelation message on the “Message” box section 
  • Then as soon as you are done, hit the Send a Message button 
  • After that, their team will cancel the membership as soon as they received your form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Freeze Your Hotworx Membership?

Yes, if you don’t want to cancel your Hotworx Membership, but wanna take a break from it. Then, you can freeze your membership by sending a freezing notice to your studio. 

Remember, that you will be charged $2.50 per week as a freezing charge. 

Is There Any Cancelation Fee For Canceling Hotworx Membership?

If you cancel your Hotworx membership agreement within 7 days of starting your membership, then you can cancel your membership for free. 

But, after 7 days, $149 GST is included as a cancelation fee for canceling the Hotworx Membership. 

Can I Transfer My Hotworx Membership To Another Location?

No, this is not possible. As stated on the Hotworx Terms & Conditions page, you are not allowed to transfer your membership to any other location. 

Can You Get A Refund From Hotworx?

No, all the membership fees are totally non-refundable from Hotworx. 

How To Contact Hotworx Customer Service?

If you have any questions or want to know more about Horworx, then you can contact their Structure & Support team by calling (504) 297-1HOT or through Contact Form. 


These are the only possible ways from which you can cancel your Hotworx Membership agreement. As it is an agreement, so if you cancel the agreement, then you’ll have to pay some amount of cancelation fee.

Also, if any outstanding balance is also left, then you’ll also have to clear it as well before canceling your membership.

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