How To Cancel Honor Society Membership? 3 Methods!!

How To Cancel Honor Society Membership?

Do you want to get rid of your Honor Society Membership and get your money back? If you are thinking to cancel Honor Society Membership, then we must tell you that it requires some confusing steps. But, Don’t Worry!! With our proper guide, you will easily be able to do so. 

Honour Society is a prestigious group that honors academic excellence and gives its members chances to advance personally and professionally. The Honour Society, which has chapters in universities and colleges all over the country, offers a network of like-minded people who pursue success and leadership.

You can try to cancel your Honor Society Membership online from its account, but if you are unable to cancel it, then you can reach out Honor Society Customer Support Service Team to get assistance in canceling your membership. 

Can You Cancel Your Honor Society Membership Online?

There is no definite and proper way to cancel your Honor Society Membership. However, you can try to cancel your membership online by login to your account from the Honor Society Website

How To Cancel Honor Society Membership?

The best and most convenient way is to get in contact with their customer support service team via Contact Us Form and submit your cancelation request to their team. Follow these steps properly to cancel your Honor Society Membership. 

  1. Go to the Honor Society Contact Page. You will find a Contact Us form.
  1. Name, email, and a brief message stating that you wish to cancel your membership should be entered into the contact form.
  1. A response from customer service is required, and it should contain directions on how to carry out the cancellation process.
  1. To complete the cancellation, adhere to the instructions that customer service has provided.

This method of canceling your membership via the Contact Us form might take some time to get into the process. So, be patient and wait for the response from their team. 

How To Cancel Honor Society Membership Over The Phone?

You can also contact their customer service team over a phone call for canceling your Honor Society Membership. Properly understand these steps to cancel the membership.

  1. Find the Honour Society’s customer service phone number. Usually, it’s on their website or in the Contact section.
  1. In order to cancel your membership, call the customer service number at (866) 313-6311 and carefully listen to the automated options.
  1. When a customer support agent answers the phone, let them know that you want to cancel your membership and give them your name and membership number.
  1. Before processing the cancellation, the agent might need more details to confirm your identity.
  1. To complete the cancellation process, adhere to the representative’s further instructions.

In case there are any problems in the future, make sure to get confirmation of your cancellation and write down the time and date of your call as well as the name of the representative you spoke with. Following these steps should make canceling your Honour Society membership over the phone simple.

How To Cancel Honor Society Membership Via Email?

If you don’t want to cancel your Honor Society Membership over a phone call or you are too shy to talk to someone directly on a call, then you also have the option to send an email to their team to cancel the membership. Take attention to these steps carefully. 

  1. Open your Gmail Account and start writing a proper email for canceling your Honor Society Membership, which you can send to their team.
  1. Clearly mentioned in your email that you want to cancel your membership and provide all the important information related to your membership along with your personal basic detail in the email
  1. Provide a valid reason for your cancelation and double-check your email before sending. 
  1. Send the composed to [email protected] 
  1. Wait for their team’s response and get their help on further cancelation procedures. 

Keep in mind that their team will respond to your email within 24 hours or may take a few days sometimes. 

How To Delete Honor Society Account?

You just need to follow these simple steps, if you want to delete your Honor Society Account. 

  1. Log in to your Honor Society Account from its website
  2. Go to its Settings section
  3. Scroll down and click on the Cancel My Account button
  4. Follow the steps to confirm the cancelation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From The Honor Society?

Yes, to get your full refund, you need to cancel your Honor Society Membership within 90 days of purchasing its subscription. 

How To Contact Honor Society Customer Service?

You can contact Honor Society Customer Service in the following ways.

Phone Number: (866) 313-6311 (9 am to 8 pm Monday-Friday)

Email: [email protected] 

Honor Society Mailing Address:

1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Suite 1000

Washington, DC 20036 


Keep in mind that only Honor Society Customer Service Department is responsible for canceling your Honor Society Membership. So, choose one of the contact methods to contact their team and be polite in your words. Also Know, how to cancel a 1776 Society Membership.


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