How To Cancel Honest Company Subscription & Order?

How To Cancel Honest Company

When it comes to your baby, everybody wants company whom they can trust for the health of their baby. Right? And If are talking about safe and natural products for baby care, then The Honest Company strikingly hits on everyone’s mind. But, after being involved in certain controversies, many people cancel their Honest Company Subscription. 

Honest Company is a very popular online company that provides varieties of baby and beauty products and promises its customers to deliver eco-friendly and safe products, especially for a baby. But, you need to be very careful when it’s about your kid because one should never compromise on a kid’s health. So, if you still have some trust issues with the Honest Company products, then the best is to cancel them as soon as possible. 

You can cancel your Honest Company Subscription at any time by going to the My Subscriptions tab within your account or you can also get help from their customer support service team. 

Can You Cancel Honest Company Subscription?

Yes, you can. No matter what type of subscription you choose- Diapers & Wipes Bundle Subscription, Build your own bundle subscription or Single item subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Let’s find out how. 

How To Cancel Honest Company Subscription From Website?

You can make changes to your subscription order either you want to your next order delivery date, change your delivery frequency, or even you can cancel your subscription. 

Steps to cancel your Honest Company Subscription online- Go to Honest Company Website> Log in to your Account> Navigate to My Account section> Tap on My Subscriptions> Select the Honest Company Subscription you want to cancel> Click on the Cancel button next to your selected subscription. 

How To Cancel Honest Company Subscription Over The Phone?

You can also make a call to their customer support phone number at 1.888.862.8818 and talk with one of their team members over a call. Once their team member connected with you, then you can submit your subscription cancelation request in front of them. Provide them with your subscription details and basic information. They will then move forward with your cancelation steps and finally, you end up canceling your Honest Company Subscription. 

How To Cancel Honest Company Order?

If you placed one-time order from Honest Company and need to cancel it before its delivery, then you need to be very quick in cancelation because once your order starts to process you will not cancel it. If you want to cancel your order make sure to cancel it within one hour of placing it. 

To cancel your order, the Honest Company Customer Service team is there for your help. You can either make a call at 1.888.862.8818 or you can chat with their team to cancel your order. 

How To Return Honest Company Order?

Honest Company offers a 90-day Return Policy. Within 90 days of getting your order, you can submit your return request. Make sure that your order or item is in good and original condition before making a return otherwise the return request will be rejected by their team. 

Steps to return your Honest Company Order– Login to your Honest Company Account> View your Order History> Select the order and item you want to return> Then, you’ll then have the choice to print a shipping label and deliver the package to the nearest FedEx location for return

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Refund From Honest Company?

Yes, once your return request is accepted the company will provide you with your full refund for that cancelled or returned order. You will get your refund within 5-10 business days. 

Can I Put My Honest Company Subscription On Hold?

Yes, you can. You can put your subscription on hold for up to 90 days. You can delay your scheduled delivery for up to 90 days. 

If you don’t want to put your subscription on hold, then you can also make changes to the delivery date of your scheduled order from your Account section. 

How To Contact Honest Company Customer Service?

You have the three most possible ways to get in contact with Honest Company Customer Service Team. 

  • Email: Send them your query by filling out their Email Form.
  • Call: 1.888.862.8818 from Monday to Friday 7 am to 3 pm.


We hope that you must keep your baby safe by canceling your Honest Company Subscription if you are not that much impressed with their baby products. You can find many better alternatives for Honest Company in the market. If we suggest with some companies, then it must be Parasol and Made of. You can go through both of these companies and select the one as per your needs and interests. 

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