How To Cancel GTT Order In Zerodha? Easy Steps!!

How To Cancel GTT Order In Zerodha?

Do you want to know some easy steps to cancel GTT order in Zerodha? If you are still confused about how its cancelation process works, then this article in which we clearly mentioned the detailed steps to cancel a GTT order will surely help you. 

If you want to invest in stock markets and are in search of a brokerage firm to help you with your trading with low-cost services, then Zerodha is the one. It is one of the most popular brokerage firms in India which provides you with different investment options at discounted prices. 

You can cancel your GTT Order in Zerodha from the Kite App and Kite Web from your GTT order section. Read the entire article to get a clear understanding to cancel or modify GTT orders. 

Can You Cancel The GTT Order In Zerodha?

GTT (Good Till Trigger) Order allows you to sell or buy orders at a set limit price. This means that if you want to purchase an order at a specific price, you can do so by placing a GTT order, which is then valid for a year. The selling process follows the same steps. If you want to sell something, enter its selling price in GTT Order, and your order will be sold automatically at the price you specify.

Yes, you can cancel or delete or even, make changes to your GTT Orders at any time. 

How To Cancel GTT Order In Zerodha?

Once you set the price of an order and placed it in GTT, then it is valid for one year. You don’t need to check its status. Up to one year, its selling and buying price remains the same, until you modify it. 

If you want to cancel your placed GTT Orders, you can do so easily on your Kite App. Follow these steps to cancel your GTT Order in Zerodha. 

Cancel On Kite App: Go to orders and tap on GTT order> Select the instrument/ open GTT order you want to cancel> Click on the Delete button> Confirm button. 

Cancel On Kite Web: Navigate to your orders> Tap on GTT> Select Options and then tap on the Delete button> Again, tap on Delete to confirm the cancelation. 

How To Modify GTT Order In Zerodha?

If you want to change the price of your placed GTT order, then you are allowed to do by making changes to your placed GTT order. Follow these steps to modify your GTT order in Zerodha. 

Go to the orders tab> Tap on GTT> Select the Active Order to modify> Tap on the Modify button> Change the price of your GTT Order> Swipe Modify GTT. Your GTT Order is modified> You can check the order status from the GTT section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Zerodha Customer Service?

You can navigate to Zerodha Contact Page for all the contact information for different categories. You can also submit your query by raising a ticket and getting the answer to the particular query. 

Zerodha Customer Support Numbers: 080 4718 1888 & 080 4718 1999. You can also make a call on these numbers to directly get in touch with their team over a call. 


If you have an interest in stock markets and wanna invest your money in trading, then Zerodha helps you with it on a low-cost service. At some time, if you placed a GTT order on Zerodha and are not satisfied with its price, then you can change or even delete your GTT order at any time. We hope that with this article you get a clear understanding of GTT Orders. 

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