How To Cancel Groupon Order? Get Refund From Groupon!

Cancel Groupon Order

No matter if you ordered an item or requested a service, you can easily terminate it on Groupon when you no longer require it. We can help you cancel a Groupon order by providing you with the correct, easy steps to do that. 

Groupon is a huge marketplace for the citizens of the States. The platform provides a link between the customers and the local merchants who offer them products, services, travel, etc as required. You get several vouchers that you can trade for selected products and services. 

It is easy to cancel your Groupon order from the website or through the app itself. You must visit the My Stuff section and cancel the selected order or service. You can also return your Groupon orders if you are unable to cancel them. You can refer to the detailed steps below to cancel or return your order. 

How Do I Cancel My Groupon Order?

You can cancel your Groupon order from the website or the mobile app. 

Cancel Groupon Order From Website

1. Visit the official website of Groupon and Sign in to your account. 

2. Go to My Stuff and then select My Groupons. 

3. Choose the Groupon order you wish to cancel and then click on View Details next to it. 

4. Find the Cancel Order option and click on it. 

5. Confirm the procedure and you will receive an email from them when it’s all done. 

Cancel Groupon Order From App/ iPhone And Android

1. Open the Groupon app on your device and sign in to your account. 

2. Choose the My Stuff option from the bottom of the screen page. 

3. Move to the My Groupons section and click on the Select All option there. 

4. Look for the Groupon order you want to cancel and tap it. 

5. Tap on Cancel Order and then confirm the process. You will receive a confirmation email from Groupon. 

How To Return Groupon Goods?

If your Groupon order is already shipped then you might not be able to cancel it. You can then return your order after you receive it if you still don’t want it. 

1. Sign in to your Groupon account and then select My Stuff. 

2. Navigate to the My Groupons option and click on the View Details button next to the order. 

3. Click on the Return Package option. 

4. Print out your return label from there and place it on the package that you wish to return. 

5. After they receive your returned order, they will process your order refund and you will receive an email for that. 

It may take about 10 business days to receive the refund and find it in your account. 

How Do I Cancel A Pending Groupon Order?

You can cancel a pending order on Groupon by following the given steps:

1. Choose your order under My Groupons and click on the See Details option next to it. 

2. You can select the Edit option and then Cancel Order. 

3. You will see the I’d Like To Cancel My Purchase statement, click on the box next to it. 

4. Provide a reason for your cancellation and then select Cancel Order and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Groupon Order- FAQs

Can I Cancel A Reservation On Groupon?

Canceling a reservation or appointment on Groupon is based on the policies of the merchant and whether they allow canceling or rescheduling an appointment. If it is possible then you can select your appointment by going to the My Groupons section and then clicking on Edit appointment.

You can then select Cancel Appointment and confirm the procedure. 

How Can I Contact Groupon For A Refund?

To request a refund from Groupon, you must visit My Groupons and then select the See Details option placed next to your Groupon order. You can go to the Customer Support page and follow the details as mentioned there. You can also click on the Live Chat button or the Email Us button to learn more about it and to contact the representatives for more support. 

Why Did Groupon Cancel My Order?

If Groupon canceled an order you placed then there are chances that there was a high demand for that particular product or service. There can also be issues with their site or any problem with your payment methods. You can contact the Customer Service department to learn more about it. 

How Do I Contact Groupon Customer Service? 

If you have problems related to your orders or services on Groupon then you can contact Groupon Customer Service from the Live Chat or Email Us feature. Visit the official page of Groupon and select any of those options. 

Wrap Up

Groupon can be a great option if you want specific products or services from the platform and even if you don’t require anything in particular then you can always cancel it. Follow the steps discussed above to cancel a Groupon order and you can even cancel a service or an appointment by following the above-mentioned steps. Contact the Customer Support department for more of your queries and doubts. 

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