How To Cancel Grailed Order? Try These Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Grailed Order? Try These Effective Methods!!

Are you in search of the best online platform to shop for the latest top-brand clothes? Then, your search ends at Grailed. It is an online marketplace where you can shop your clothes according to your style and fashion. 

Both men’s and women’s clothing are available at Grailed. It seems like you have purchased something from Grailed and now want to cancel it. Here is what you have to do to cancel Grailed Order. 

You can cancel a Grailed order by going into your Grailed Profile and tapping on the Cancel Order button. Read the entire article for a step-by-step guide for cancelation. 

Can You Cancel The Grailed Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Grailed order at any time. These are some important points that you need to know before canceling the order. 

  • It is recommended to contact your seller before going into the cancelation steps and get approval from the seller
  • You are only allowed to cancel the order before an order confirmation message is received. 

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How To Cancel Grailed Order As A Buyer/Seller?

Follow these steps to cancel your Grailed order as a buyer/seller. 

  1. Navigate to your Profile 
  2. Tap on Purchases/Listings
  3. Tap In Progress
  4. Select the order you want to cancel 
  5. Next to the order, tap on the Cancel Order option 
  6. Choose the Reason to Cancel your order 
  7. Hit the Submit button 

How To Cancel Grailed Order Via Contact Form?

You can also contact the Grailed customer service team by filling out their contact form and sending it to their team. 

How To Cancel Grailed Order? Try These Effective Methods- How To Cancel Grailed Order Via Contact Form?

Open the Grailed Contact Form. Then, enter the following information in the form.

  1. Email Address
  2. Listings URL
  3. Select a Request category from the “I need help with” section 
  4. Select a Request Reason 
  5. Describe your issue (cancelation) in a few words

After you fill out all these details, click the “Send” button and your form will be submitted to their team. 

Can I Cancel A Grailed Binding Offer?

Can I Cancel A Binding Offer After Sending It? 

No, once the binding offer is sent via Grailed, you are not allowed to cancel it. 

Can I Cancel A Binding Offer After It’s Accepted?

No, when a binding offer is accepted by the seller, it means that you completed your transaction and you can not make changes to your order. The product or item is yours. 

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Can You Return A Grailed Order?

What to do, if you bought something from the Grailed and it doesn’t fit you? Can You Return that item? Well!! Whether the return is possible or not, depends upon the seller. 

Yes, you need to send the return request to the seller and if the seller accepts your return, then you can return your Grailed order. 

How Do I Delete My Grailed Account?

Currently, you are only allowed to delete your Grailed Account through the iOS App. If you don’t have iOS, then contact the Grailed team and ask them to delete your account. 

Follow these steps to delete the account in the iOS App- Go to your Settings tab on the iOS app and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the Delete your Account Entirely option. 

Important: If you have any pending purchases on your Grailed account, then you are not allowed to delete your account until 30 days from your last order. 

How Do I Refund A Buyer?

Sometimes, there comes a time when you need to refund the buyer in case of some issue. Then, to refund the buyer, you have to go to the Grailed account> Sold Page> Find the sale to refund> Tap on the “Issue Refund” button.

If you are using Grailed Payments, then you have to contact the Grailed Team for assistance in the refund. 

But, if you are using other payment modes like PayPal, then follow these steps below for a refund. 

  1. Login to the PayPal Account
  2. Go to your Recent Activity and find the sale 
  3. Tap on the “Payment from” transaction 
  4. Scroll down to that page and tap on the “Issue the refund” option. 

With these steps, you can submit your issue request and the refund will be issued to the buyer soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Seller Cancel An Order On Grailed?

Yes, the seller can cancel your Grailed order, if the buyer wants to cancel the order. 

What Is Grailed Refund Policy?

If the seller accepts your return request, then you will get a full refund for that returned order. 

How To Contact The Grailed Customer Service?

You need to submit the Grailed Contact Form to their team and the team will get connected to you. 


That’s are the most possible ways to cancel the Grailed order. Go through this article carefully and cancel your Grailed purchase. If you have any other issue related to cancelation, then you can also get assistance from their customer care team. 

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