How To Cancel GlobalTel Service With 4 Easy Methods?

How To Cancel GlobalTel

Are you sick and tired of dealing with GlobalTel’s hassles? If GlobalTel’s pricing is unclear to you or your connection is unstable, canceling your account might be the best course of action. This article will walk you through the process to cancel GlobalTel service and give you some pointers to make it go as smoothly as possible.

A telecommunications company called Global Tel Service, also known as GlobalTel, offers phone services to prisons all over the country. Inmates can use their services to access voicemail, make and receive phone calls, and send and receive messages. However, many customers may be looking to close their GlobalTel accounts due to its convoluted pricing structure and limited coverage.

The only way to cancel your Global Tel Service is to contact their customer support service team and ask for their help in canceling your service. You can get in touch with their team over the phone call or via email. Online cancelation is also possible. 

How To Cancel GlobalTel Service Online?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Global Tel Service online from your account. The steps are- Login to your Account from the login page> Access the Cancelation section> Select the Cancel Account option. 

How To Cancel GlobalTel Service Over The Phone?

If you take the proper steps, terminating a global tel service over the phone can be a simple procedure. Initially, compile all necessary data, including your account number and any outstanding balances. Call the global tel customer service number which is +1 (561) 220-2383, and be ready to give your account information so they can confirm your identity.

Once you have a representative on the line, let them know you want to cancel your service and why. The representative might suggest alternatives to canceling or make an effort to address any problems you might be having with the service. Ask for a confirmation of the cancellation and any fees or penalties involved if you decide to go through with it.

It is significant to note that various international telecommunications service providers might have various cancellation policies and practices. It is always advisable to carefully read your service agreement’s terms and conditions before making any attempts to cancel. Online cancellation or cancellation through a self-service portal might be more practical in some circumstances.

How To Cancel GlobalTel Service Via Email?

If you can’t cancel by phone or would rather have a written record of the cancellation, canceling a global tel service via email can be a convenient option. To cancel via email, first draught a message to the company’s customer service team with your account information and the justification for the cancellation. Ask for written confirmation of the cancellation and any fees or penalties that may have been incurred. Send that composed email to [email protected] 

Be prepared to wait for a reply because email cancellations might take longer to process than phone cancellations. Some providers might also need you to take extra steps or submit additional paperwork in order to finish the email cancellation process.

How To Cancel GlobalTel Service Via Mail?

If you are unable to cancel over the phone or by email, you may be able to do so by mail, though it can be a time-consuming process. To cancel by mail, send a letter with your account information and your cancellation request to the company’s customer service division, addressed to the global tel service provider. 

Ask for written confirmation of the cancellation and any fees or penalties that may have been incurred. To ensure delivery proof, it is crucial to send the letter by certified mail with a return receipt requested. Because it might take some time for the provider to process the cancellation, keep a copy of the letter for your records.

Global Tel Mailing Address

7999 N. Federal Highway,

Suite 400 Boca Raton,

FL- 33487

What Is The Refund Policy For Global Tel Service?

They have no obligation to offer a full or partial refund because all sales are final in Global Tel. However, in exceptional circumstances, they will consider refund requests provided that customers email their refund request to [email protected] 

There is a $14.99 processing fee that would be subtracted from any refund due to the high cost of the special connect phone number.

Jail Calling service refund requests will be taken into consideration for plan amounts that were billed within 15 days of the requested date made for refund

There is no refund option for Postcard Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Global Tel Customer Service?

Global Tel Customer Service Information is provided below:


Canceling a Global Tel Service is a simple process only if you follow the process with the right steps. Make sure to gather all necessary information, comprehend the terms and conditions, and ask for confirmation of the cancellation before making any changes via phone, email, or mail.

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