How To Cancel GamStop? Step By Step Guide!

Cancel GamStop

If you are addicted to online Gambling and this has created a problem for you and those near you then GamStop can help you overcome that addiction. But it seems that the services are not working well for you as you are looking for ways to terminate GamStop. If you no longer wish to use the services of GamStop then we can help you cancel it. 

GamStop as the name says can help you get rid of gambling addictions. Once you get yourself registered with GamStop, they prevent you from using any of the gambling websites or applications of the companies that are registered and licensed in the UK. 

If you wish to remove yourself from GamStop then you can contact GamStop via a phone call or an email to their representatives. You can also start a webchat with GamStop representatives and request them to remove you from the platform. 

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Can I Cancel GamStop?

GamStop helps those who suffer from online gambling addiction as it restricts you from taking part in any of the gambling platforms that are licensed in the UK. However, once you get registered to GamStop, you won’t be able to cancel or remove yourself from there. You already select a self-exclusion period on GamStop and till that period gets over, you will not be allowed to remove yourself from the platform. So the only possible option for you is to wait till the self-exclusion period is over and then remove yourself from the platform. 

After you complete your self-exclusion period on the platform, then you can request GamStop to remove you from there. It can be possible via making a phone call to the team and requesting them to cancel GamStop. You can also try sending an email or interacting with them via web chat. 

How Do I Cancel GamStop?

Cancel GamStop Via Phone Call

1. After your self-exclusion period is over, you can contact GamStop to remove yourself from the platform. 

2. Dial 0800 138 6518 and talk to their representatives at GamStop. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel GamStop and they will check if your self-exclusion period is over. 

4. Provide them with your details and follow the steps as directed by them. 

5. Ask them for a confirmation message when the procedure gets over. 

Cancel GamStop Via Email

1. Though the best way to remove yourself from the platform is by calling them, you can also try sending them an email for the same. 

2. Open the default email application on your device and compose an email. 

3. In the email, request that you wish to remove yourself from GamStop and that your self-exclusion period is already over. 

4. Provide them with the details they might require to cancel your GamStop. Send the email to [email protected]

5. Do remember to request them to send you an email when you have been removed from the platform. 

Cancel GamStop Via Webchat

1. You can also interact with GamStop representatives by contacting them via the Webchat feature available to the members. 

2. Visit the GamStop Contact Us page to interact with them online. 

3. From the options available, click on Start webchat and the live chat window will open there. 

4. You can type in your request to cancel GamStop and wait till you receive a reply from them. 

5. Follow the steps as directed by them and remove yourself from GamStop. 

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Cancel GamStop Self-Exclusion- FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Cancel GamStop?

You can only cancel GamStop and terminate the services when your self-exclusion period is over so if it isn’t, wait. After requesting the GamStop representatives to remove you from there, it may take them up to 24 hours to make your cancellation request effective. You must wait 24 hours so that they completely remove you from the platform and if you still don’t receive a notification for the same, you can contact their Customer Support department. 

How Can I Contact GamStop Customer Service?

There are several ways to contact GamStop Customer Support if you have queries related to the platform or your self-exclusion period. You can contact them by dialing 0800 138 6518 and talking to their representative. You can also send an email to the GamStop team at [email protected]. The web chat feature is also available where you can talk to their team representatives regarding your query. You can also fill out a form and write down your query and then wait till you receive a word from them.

Wrap Up 

Addiction to anything is bad and it’s worse if it is gambling. GamStop can be a great option for those who have an online gambling addiction as it will restrict you from participating in online gambling. However, if you want to cancel GamStop then it would be only possible after you have completed your self-exclusion period. Follow the cancellation steps as discussed above and terminate GamStop. You can also get in touch with their Customer Service department for more of your queries. 

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