How To Cancel Subscription? 4 Ways!!

How To Cancel

Have you decided to cancel your FreePhoneTracer Subscription but need help with how to proceed? You’ve found it! We’ll walk you through canceling subscription in this article in a few simple steps. With our easy guide, you can save time and money! 

You can track phone numbers and learn who owns them using the online service FreePhoneTracer. With the aid of FreePhoneTracer, you can look into unknown callers and even track down individuals using their phone numbers. However, you might need to end your FreePhoneTracer subscription if you no longer need their services or have found a superior substitute. We’ll demonstrate how to do that in this article.

You can cancel your Membership by getting in touch with their customer support service team via Contact Form, Phone, Email, or Mail and asking for their help in canceling your membership. 

How To Cancel

If you no longer want to continue with your FreePhoneTracer Services, then you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting their customer support service team and asking for their help in canceling your membership. 

One of the ways to get in contact with their team is by submitting a Contact Us Form to their team. Get their Contact Us Form. Fill in the required details of the form which include the following- Topic, Name, Email Address, and Message. Choose “Cancel Account” from the Topic category from the drop-down menu. After that, hit the “Send Message” button. 

After receiving your form, their team will soon get in touch with you and help you in resolving your membership cancelation issue. 

How To Cancel FreePhoneTracer Membership Over The Phone?

Do you know that a maximum of people will prefer the calling system to get in touch with Customer Service Team? As calling involves direct communication between the two ends. So, that you can freely talk to their team member and properly discuss your issues over a phone call. 

Follow these simple steps to get in contact with the FreePhoneTracer service team over a phone call- 

Call FreePhoneTracer Customer Service Toll-Free Number at 1-866-673-9048> Wait for someone to accept the call> When they join, put in a request to cancel the membership> Give them information about your membership. Tell them a little about yourself> Provide a valid reason for cancelation> Ask about the refund process> Team member will guide you with further cancelation steps> Finally, your membership will be canceled. 

How To Cancel FreePhoneTracer Membership Via Email?

Well!! If you don’t like to talk to someone directly over a call or maybe you do have not that much time to call their service team and give your time on a phone call regarding canceling your membership. Then, Don’t Worry!! Here is an alternative for you, Yes!! You can also cancel your FreePhoneTracer Membership by sending a proper email to their customer service team. 

Here are some simple steps which you should keep in mind before sending their team an email. 

Compose an email to their team about canceling your FreePhoneTracer Membership> Add a proper Subject to your Email> Include all the necessary information about your membership> Add your correct and basic personal information> Don’t forget to provide your contact number> Double-check the Email> Send the well-composed email to [email protected] 

How To Cancel FreePhoneTracer Membership Via Mail?

You can also go with the mailing option to cancel your FreePhoneTracer Membership without any difficulty. You don’t need to do some special steps in mailing. Similar to Email, where you composed a cancelation email, you only have to write a cancelation letter in case of Mailing. Got It? If not, then here is a brief explanation. 

Steps to cancel your FreePhoneTracer Membership Via Mailing.

Write a cancelation letter or notice> Clearly mentioned that you want to cancel your Membership> Include all the necessary information about your membership and your personal identity> Sign the letter> Send the written letter to their team’s mailing address. 

Mailing Address

MSC- 784064

P.O. Box 105168

Atlanta, GA 30348-5168

How To Remove Your Data From FreePhoneTracer?

To remove your data from the FreePhoneTracer, you need to go with the opt-out process. In this case, FreePhoneTracer also uses the same process, as used by BeenVerified. Follow these steps to remove your data from FreePhoneTracer. 

  • Go to BeenVerfied Opt Out Search Page
  • Type your First and Last Name and select your State
  • Then, click on the Search button
  • From the search results, choose the right match, and then click Proceed to Opt-Out.
  • Fill in your Email Address and tap on the Send Verification Email
  • Click the link inside the email after opening it. You will then arrive at a confirmation page.
  • Be prepared for your information to disappear over a period of days or weeks.
  • You can also email [email protected] 


If you are tired of paying for your services for FreePhoneTracer and it is not that much in use for you like before, then you can easily cancel your membership with them by contacting their team with any of the methods you want to opt for. All the methods are easy and effective, so you can go with anyone. 

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