How To Cancel Foxtel Now Subscription? 2 Easy Methods !!

How To Cancel Foxtel Now Subscription?

Many people have signed up for Foxtel Now to watch their favorite movies and shows. But now with time, watching the same content again & again bores people and finally, they decide to cancel Foxtel Now Subscription. 

Foxtel Now is a streaming subscription service that deals in different varieties of TV shows, movies, and sports. Its subscription cost is also affordable and you can try its services free for at least 10 days before its paid subscription starts. 

You can cancel your Foxtel Now Subscription online from your Foxtel Now Account by Deactivating your services. You can contact their team to cancel the subscription. 

How Much Does Foxtel Now Cost?

You can start your Foxtel Now services with its 10 days free trial and after its trial period ends, you will be charged with the paid subscription pack that you have selected before getting into its free trial. 

Foxtel Now Subscription starts at $25 per month with Essentials in which you will get the best world dramas from HBO and other popular shows. 

You can also add more packs to your subscription service by paying extra charges for it. For Dramas, you can pay $10 extra/month, for Movies $20 extra/month, and for Sports $29 extra/month. 

How To Cancel Foxtel Now Subscription?

Foxtel Now offers you with their monthly subscriptions with no contract. So, you are free to cancel your Foxtel Now subscription at any time. 

You can cancel Foxtel Online with these simple steps. 

  1. Login to your Foxtel Now Account first. 
  1. Tap on the Cancel Subscription button and then click Yes. 
  1. Choose a valid reason for cancelation and finally, again click on Cancel My Membership. 

On the screen, a confirmation message regarding your subscription cancelation will be displayed and you will receive an email in which you will be notified about the date when your subscription will end. 

If you are currently in its free trial and end your subscription, then your subscription service will end when your trial period expires. 

How To Cancel Foxtel Now Subscription Via Live Chat?

You can also get in contact with their team via Live Chat and ask them to cancel your Foxtel Now Subscription. 

You can get their Live Chat option on the Foxtel Website Click on it and start Live Chatting with one of their team agents. 

They will then give you the ways to cancel your Foxtel Now Subscription.  

How Can You Cancel Foxtel Telstra?

To cancel your Foxtel Service from the Telstra provider, then you will have to make a call at 13 22 00 and say “disconnect”. Then your Foxtel service will be disconnected on Telstra. 

You can also chat with Telstra online to cancel your Foxtel Service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Cancel My Foxtel Subscription?

It happens to many people that as soon as they signed in to their Foxtal Account, they will not see a Cancel Subscription button. 

This is because you have just signed into your account and you have to wait for at least 24 hours before canceling your service. 

If still, the problem persists, you can click on the Live Chat option and get help from their team. 

How To Contact Foxtel Customer Service?

The possible way to connect with their service team is via Live Chat. Other than you can go to Foxtel Contact Page for more information. 


That’s it !! We hope that this article really proved helpful to you in every aspect. With this, it is now clear to you that you can cancel your Foxtel Now Subscription on your own with some simple steps. 

After cancelation, if you still want to reactivate your subscription, then you can also reactivate it at any time within your Foxtel Account. 

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