How To Cancel Footlocker Order? Easy Guide To Follow!

Cancel Footlocker Order

If you have ordered a great pair of Sneakers on FootLocker and then realized that you are paying too much for them and would rather go out to the shops and purchase them physically, then you would surely want to cancel your FootLocker order. We will tell you how to do it.

Fond of clothing as well as footwear, especially Sneakers? Then FootLocker is a great choice for you where you can have access to more than 29000 retail stores across the globe. You can either shop from the mobile app of FootLocker or the online website of this platform and order the products that you like.

To cancel your FootLocker order, you will need to first receive the placed order only after which you will be able to find the option of returning your order. As you select that option, the company agent will pick up your order and return it back to the company’s warehouse. 

Continue reading this article if you wish to know in detail about the exact process for the cancelation of your order on FootLocker as we have explained it all right below. 

How To Cancel Footlocker Order?

If you placed an order on Footlocker and later felt that you don’t need it, you might then wish to cancel that order, but unfortunately, Footlocker doesn’t allow its users to cancel the orders that have already been placed. But don’t worry, there is another indirect method by which you can have your Footlocker order canceled. 

You must be wondering how could that be possible. Well, though the cancel option is not available for Footlocker, you can surely return the orders that you receive. 

So, if there is an order on Footlocker that you no longer wish to keep, you will first need to wait for the delivery of that order. Once you receive it, you can visit FootLocker and choose the option to cancel your order that has been received. 

They will process your request and an agent will visit to pick up the order that you want to return you will be able to cancel your FootLocker order in this way. 

How To Cancel FootLocker Order Before Shipping?

If you have placed an order on FootLocker and wish to cancel it because it has not been shipped yet, then we feel bad to inform you that FootLocker will not allow you to cancel your order because no matter whether the order has been shipped or not, once you place it, you have to receive it, there is no other choice. 

Why Did FootLocker Cancel My Order?

If you have placed an order on FootLocker, and the company has canceled it on its own, then the possible reason can be that the item was not available to the manufacturer at the time you ordered it. 

Moreover, whenever an order is placed, it is prepared for shipment and during that time, the product has to pass through quality control checks. If the product doesn’t pass the quality check test, then the company will cancel it for you. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund On FootLocker?

If due to whichever reason, you are eligible for a refund on FootLocker for a product that was canceled or returned, you will receive your refund within 24 to 48 hours of the time when the refund was initiated. So, you have to be a little patient and you will soon receive the refund for the same. 

In case FootLocker canceled your order and you still got charged for it, don’t worry, they will soon provide you with a refund. 

How To Change Shipping Address On FootLocker Order?  

If you wish to get your FootLocker order delivered at a different shipping address than the one that you had chosen for your previous orders, then you can easily change it on the app. 

For this, you will be required to sign in to your account on FootLocker and go to the “My Account” page. Scroll through the options and select “Address Book”. Your already saved shipping addresses will be displayed in the list, you can either choose one from them or click on the Edit option to add a new address. 

How To Contact FootLocker Customer Service?

If you wish to contact the customer support of FootLocker due to any reason, you can call them on their customer service number which is 1 (800) 991-6815, and talk to their representative. Alternatively, you can also have a live chat with them on their official website. 

Wrapping Up

So, here we are, hoping that you could easily cancel your order on FootLocker and have received your refund amount as well. Remember that you will receive your original payment back only if you have the original receipt of the order with you. If it is a gift receipt, then you are going to get only the store credit in return. 

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