How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance? 3 Ways To Cancel!!

How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance? 3 Ways To Cancel!!

Do you feel like you are stuck with EyeMed Insurance? At first, you thought this coverage was best for you, but now you are not satisfied with it and want to cancel EyeMed Insurance. 

EyeMed is an American company that provides you the insurance for taking special care of your eyes. By becoming a member, you can keep a regular checkup of your eyes with their excellent doctors by saving money on the checkup rates. 

You can cancel your EyeMed Insurance coverage by making a call to their customer service team or by sending a cancelation Email. 

Can I Cancel EyeMed Insurance? Will My Policy Automatically Renew?

Yes, you can cancel your EyeMed Insurance. Your insurance policy will automatically renew, so that you do not face any interruption while using its benefits. 

Make sure you cancel the insurance before it automatically renews to its new period. 

How Do I Cancel EyeMed Insurance Via Email?

Remember, that only the Policyholder will be allowed to cancel its insurance. Other than the Policyholder, the cancelation request submitted by the other person will not be accepted. 

EyeMed Insurance coverage is taken for a 12-month commitment period. You can cancel your coverage after your period ends by submitting your cancelation request. 

The first method to cancel EyeMed Insurance is by sending your insurance cancelation request via Email at [email protected] 

Make sure that you include all the details correctly in the Email and the email should be written by you (the original Policyholder). 

How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance Over The Phone?

To cancel their insurance coverage, the Policyholder can make a call to their customer service team by calling the number mentioned on their ID card. 

Or you can contact them at 844.225.3107 (if you are not enrolled through an employer) or 866.939.3633 (if you are enrolled through an employer). 

Have a clear and direct communication with their team. Ask them to cancel the insurance, they will then verify whether you are the Policyholder or not. When it is confirmed, then they will cancel your insurance. 

How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance Via Contact Form?

How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance? 3 Ways To Cancel- How To Cancel EyeMed Insurance Via Contact Form?

EyeMed Team also provides a Contact Us Form for its members and providers to get in touch with them for general queries. 

You can also fill out this form by selecting “Other” in the “Inquiry Regarding” section and submit it to your team. 

When their team gets in touch with you, you can ask them about canceling your insurance coverage.  

Maybe they will accept your cancelation request otherwise Email or calling option is best to cancel the insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve Purchased An EyeMed Individual Plan. Is there A Waiting Period?

No, the EyeMed Individual plan or coverage has no waiting period.

How To Contact EyeMed Customer Service?

You can get in contact with the EyeMed customer service team via Email at [email protected] or by calling 844.225.3107 or 866.939.3633. 
To get support, go to the EyeMed Contact Page and fill out their Contact Us Form. 


Now you must know that you can cancel your EyeMed Insurance either by sending an Email or making a call. Both methods are simple and quick. You can choose any one of them and confirm your cancellation.

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