How To Cancel EOS Membership? Did You Try These Hacks?

How To Cancel EOS Membership? Did You Try These Hacks?

Planning to switch from your EOS gym franchise so that you can join all your friends? Or, maybe there are many other gyms that provide better service and facilities at similar or more affordable prices. No issue, you can easily cancel EOS membership, and we are here to help you with the same. 

Of many popular gyms spread across the continent, EOS Fitness is one of the famous gym franchises. Its gyms have been spread across California, Florida, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. So, if you are residing in one of these locations, you can easily subscribe to their fitness membership. 

To cancel your EOS Fitness membership, you can either head to your nearest EOS gym in person and ask them to cancel your subscription or call the customer service number of your local EOS gym and request a cancellation.

You might also be thinking if you could cancel your EOS membership online, well you will find out a lot more about this if you just continue to read. 

EOS Fitness Cancellation Policy

  1. EOS Memberships are month-to-month and require 30 days cancellation notice
  2. First-time gym members can cancel their membership within 3 days of starting to receive a full refund
  3. There should be no balance due on the memberships
  4. You need to visit your Gym Location to know all the details regarding your billing and cancellation.

How To Cancel EOS Membership Via Contact Form?

How To Cancel EOS Membership- How To Cancel EOS Membership Via Contact Form?

The other way to cancel your EOS Membership is by filling out this EOS Contact Form and submitting that form to their team.

Fill out all the asked information in the Form- Name, Email, Phone, and State. Select “Yes” from the “Are you a member?” section.

Choose your Gym from the drop-down menu and Enter your Agreement Number. Select “My Membership” from the “What can we help you with?”.

Then, choose “Cancellation” from the “How can we help you?” field. Finally, describe your issue. Then a brief EOS Cancellation Policy steps on your screen.

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How To Cancel EOS Fitness Membership In Person?

If your EOS gym is near your residing location, then the best way to cancel your membership to EOS is by directly visiting the EOS Fitness gym in person. 

So, in this method, all you have to do is visit an EOS Fitness gym near your home. Remember that it is not necessary for you to visit the same EOS gym that you have been registered to. You can go to any other gym of EOS Fitness to have your membership terminated. 

Make sure that you have some important info and documents with you when you visit the gym. These will include:

1. Your agreement number for EOS Fitness membership.

2. Your contact details.

3. A written notice of membership cancelation with your signature and the current date mentioned on it. 

If you have all the necessary details and documents, you can go to the gym and talk to a representative over there. Ask them to have your membership terminated and provide them with all the necessary details that they ask for. They will process your request and cancel your membership to EOS.

Can I Cancel My EOS Membership Over The Phone?

How To Cancel EOS Membership- Can I Cancel My EOS Membership Over The Phone?

Yes, you definitely are allowed to contact the customer service of EOS Fitness via a phone call and get your membership to their gym terminated. 

For this, you will be required to go to the “Gym Near Me” page on it. There you will find the contact number of the customer support of the gym that you have been registered with. 

Dial the mentioned number and you will be connected to the customer service representative of your EOS gym. You can ask them to terminate your EOS membership.

They will ask you to provide some details related to your membership and your identity, provide them with the same and they will process the cancelation of your membership.

Make sure to ask them to provide you with a confirmation text or email after the successful cancelation. 

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How To Cancel EOS Membership via Email?

You can also use the emailing method for canceling your membership to EOS Fitness. 

In this case, you have to compose an email mentioning your notice of cancelation of your subscription to EOS. Make sure that you have mentioned your contact details as well as your membership details in the email. 

Once the email is composed appropriately, you can just send it to the address [email protected]. Their customer support will soon check your request and process it. And you will receive a confirmation email reply once your membership has been successfully canceled. 

How To Cancel EOS Membership Online From The App?

Since EOS doesn’t itself provide an online mode for canceling your membership to its services manually, you have an alternative option. 

You might have heard of ABC Financial which is a gym billing service in the U.S. where all the subscriptions for a number of gyms are managed. These gyms also include the gyms of EOS Fitness. 

You just need to visit ABC Financial and check if your local EOS gym is also mentioned in their services, then you will easily be able to cancel your membership to EOS online. 

How To Freeze EOS Fitness Membership?

You can freeze your EOS Gym Membership for up to 3 months and for this, you will be charged $5 per month as a frozen fee.

You have the following three ways to freeze your Membership-

  1. Submit the Contact Form to their team
  2. Visit in person at your nearest EOS Gym Location and ask their manager to freeze the membership
  3. Send your freezing request to [email protected]
  4. Make a call to the nearest Gym Location. Click Here to find the Gym Near You and get their direct phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From EOS Fitness?

Refunds can only be provided to first-time members. If you cancel your membership within 3 days of starting the membership, you will receive a full refund.

How To Contact EOS Customer Service?

You can contact Eos Customer Service by calling your Gym Phone Number. Go to this link and find the phone number of your nearest gym. You can also fill out the contact form to reach out to the service team.

Is There EOS membership cancellation fee?

You must know that the EOS membership cancellation fee can vary from location to location. You need to contact customer service to enquire about the cancellation fee.
Also, it’s reported that mostly the cancellation fee charged is somewhere between $10-$20.

Wrapping Up

We have provided you with all the possible ways in which you could terminate your membership in EOS Fitness and we hope that you were successful in canceling it in time. There are a lot of other gyms available out there so you can switch to any of them, even much better than EOS Fitness. 

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