How To Cancel El Car Wash Membership? 4 Best Hacks!

Cancel El Car Wash Membership

So you tried the El Car Wash Membership plan but are you satisfied with their services? No? It’s okay, you should only choose the best option and if it no longer works for you, cancel it. We will help you cancel your El Car Wash Membership so that you are able to say goodbye to them and find a better option for your vehicle. 

El Car Wash claims to provide the best car wash services to customers and provide their cars with the best shine they deserve. You can choose from any of their car wash plans and even get the benefit of unlimited washes. One must go through the perks of their membership plans by visiting their website before selecting one for your vehicle. 

You can cancel your El Car Wash membership plan by visiting their official account management page or the Contact Us page. The cancellation can also be initiated by giving them a call or by visiting your local car wash location for the same. 

El Car Wash Membership Plans And Prices

El Car Wash provides its customers with several car wash plans that they can select from. They say that they provide great value for your money and it is visible in their services. There are various El Car Wash locations for the convenience of their customers and you can visit any of them to give the best care to your car. 

Membership Plans Charges
Basic$10 for single wash
$25/month for unlimited washes
Better$16 for single wash
$30/month for unlimited washes
Best$20 for single wash
$35/month for unlimited washes
Ceramic$25 for single wash
$39.99/month for unlimited washes
Graphene X$30 for single wash
$44.99/month for unlimited washes

The Basic Membership Plan can be purchased at $10 for a single wash and at $25/month for unlimited washes. You get the basic car wash procedure and free Dashwipe. The Better Membership Plan is available at $16 to give your car a single wash or at $30/month to provide it with unlimited washes. With the free Dashwipe, you also get Wheel Cleaner. 

The Best Membership Plan can be bought at $20 for a single wash and at $35/month for unlimited washes. With the basic car wash procedure, you also get Platinum Hot Wax, Lava, and Clear Seal. You are also provided with All-Weather Shield, Tire Shine, Wheel Cleaner, and more. 

The Ceramic Membership Plan provides a single car wash for $25 and you can send your car for unlimited washes at $39.99/month. The plan provides you with all the perks of the Best Membership plan with the addition of a Ceramic Mirror. 

The Graphene X Membership Plan costs $30 for a single car wash and $44.99/month for unlimited car washes. You receive all additional perks of other membership plans with the addition of Graphene. You must first check out if this membership plan is available at your nearest location. 

How Can I Cancel El Car Wash Membership?

There are several easy steps that can help you cancel your El Car Wash Membership and you can choose the better option for you.

Cancel El Car Wash Membership Manage Your Account

1. You can go to the official website or directly visit the Manage Your Account page. 

2. There, you will be required to provide your details in the boxes as they ask. 

3. Add your membership cancellation request in the Comments box. 

4. When you are done, click on Next and they will contact you accordingly. 

Cancel El Car Wash Membership Contact Us

1. From their official website, go to the Customer Support section or visit the Contact Us page. 

2. You will see the Manage Membership button, click on it. 

3. Provide all the required details of yours and your membership plan.

4. Follow the steps as directed and you are done. 

Cancel El Car Wash Membership Via Phone Call

1. El Car Wash also provides its customers with a contact number that connects to their customer support. 

2. Dial (305) 603-9565 and talk to an El Car Wash representative. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your El Car Wash membership. 

4. They will guide you through the required steps to cancel your membership and you must follow them carefully. 

Cancel El Car Wash Membership Via Email

1. If the above steps do not work for you then you can also cancel your membership via an email to their team. 

2. Open your default email application and compose an email. 

3. Use Cancel My El Car Wash Membership as your email subject and provide all the required personal and membership details. 

4. After you are satisfied with the email, send it to [email protected]. They will soon get in touch with you for more details. 

Cancel El Car Wash Membership-FAQs

How Can I Contact El Car Wash Customer Service?

For clearing your doubts regarding your membership plan or any other queries, you can contact El Car Wash customer support via email at [email protected]. You can also talk to their representatives at (305) 603-9565

Can I Visit El Car Wash Location To Cancel My Membership?

Yes, you can also cancel your El Car Wash Membership by visiting your nearest El Car Wash location. Talk to the manager or other representatives present there and tell them that you wish to cancel your membership. They will guide you through the procedure and help you with cancellation. 

Wrap Up

El Car Wash has several membership plans for your vehicle cleaning and each possesses different perks. You can choose any of the plans or cancel them by following the steps for your membership cancellation that we discussed above. If your problems persist, contact Customer Support, and they will help you with your queries and provide the best solutions. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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