How To Cancel Edinburgh Leisure Membership? 5 Easy Steps!

how to cancel edinburgh leisure membership

If you are looking for leisure activities to spend entertaining and quality time with your family then Edinburgh Leisure can provide you with the required services. But if you are a member already and have no plans to continue with them then we can help you cancel your Edinburgh Leisure membership. 

Edinburgh Leisure provides leisure facilities including sports, fitness, games, and more to people of almost every age group. You can learn more about the fun activities and services provided by them from their official page and choose a membership plan according to your desires. 

You can cancel your Edinburgh membership online by visiting their Contact page and filling out a cancellation form as required. They also allow you to freeze your membership for a selected period of time and unfreeze it when you want to. 

How Much Is Edinburgh Leisure Membership?

Edinburgh Leisure provides several fitness memberships and other memberships and you can choose any of them by visiting their official page. The Adult Fitness Membership will give you access to the gyms, pools, and Fitness classes at their venues or club locations. You can select if you just need access to swimming, classes, or gym and the membership price will thus vary accordingly. 

The Junior Fitness Membership Plan gives the members access to pools, gyms, Fitness classes, and also to golf present at Edinburgh venues. The membership will cost you about £12.50 a month and is available to those under 18 years of age. The Fitness Young Adult Membership is for those between 18-24 years of age and gives access to fitness classes, pools, gyms, and climbing at all venues. The membership costs £27.50 a month and you can visit the official page for more details. 

How Can I Cancel My Edinburgh Leisure Membership?

Cancellation for your Edinburg Leisure membership is easy and the procedure can be completed online. 

1. You can visit the official website of Edinburgh Leisure or directly navigate to their Contact page to fill out the cancellation form. 

2. Provide your Name, email, and phone number and from the What can we help you with? option, select Memberships

3. Now, in the next tab, you must select the current membership plan that you are planning to cancel. 

4. Then, from the I Want tab, select To Cancel My Membership. In the Subject box, you can add Request To Cancel Edinburgh Leisure Membership

5. Give details of your membership or account in the Description box and when done, click on the Submit button at the end. 

Can I Freeze My Edinburgh Leisure Membership?

Yes, you can freeze or suspend your Edinburgh Leisure membership for a limited time if you do not want to cancel service and only need a break. The members are allowed to freeze their membership for a minimum of a month and a maximum of about six months. You are also allowed to unfreeze your membership prior to the selected time. 

1. Go to the Edinburgh Leisure Membership Freeze Request Page and provide the Customer Name, email, and address. 

2. If known, you can also provide your Member ID and Membership Card ID

3. Now, you have to select your Membership Freeze Start Month and Membership Freeze Restart Month

4. Verify the request and when done, hit the Submit button.

They will soon contact you regarding your membership freeze request and will help you accordingly. 

Cancel Edinburgh Leisure Membership- FAQs

Can I Cancel A Booking At Edinburgh Leisure?

Yes, you can cancel your booking at Edinburgh Leisure and you must do it about 3 hours prior to your activity’s initiation time. You might not be provided with a refund if you paid for the activity at the time of your booking. 

Are There Concessions At Edinburgh Leisure?

Yes, Edinburgh Leisure does provide concessions to their members when they purchase their membership plans. Concession rates are higher for members over 65 years and for members who have a disability. Go to the Membership Concessions Page to learn more about the discounts. 

How Can I Contact Edinburgh Leisure?

For your queries related to the membership or Edinburgh Leisure services, you can visit the Edinburgh Leisure Contact Us page and ask your query in the Ask Us portal. You can chat with their representatives online by clicking on the Message icon. The members can also call on their help number 0131 458 2100 and the representatives in the Customer Support department will help you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

There are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy at Edinburgh Leisure and are also options to maintain your health and fitness. It is also easy to cancel your membership online and you can go through the steps we discussed above in detail to terminate your membership. You can also freeze or unfreeze your membership by following the above-mentioned steps. Edinburgh Leisure Customer Service department can help you with your questions. You can also cancel your New York Sports Club membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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