How To cancel DTE Services? Easy And Effective Cancelation!

cancel DTE services

If you are moving to a new place or are unsatisfied with the services being provided by DTE, then it is time that you switch to a new energy service provider and this is the right place for you to do it easily. 

DTE is a company that offers several services including natural gas, electricity, green energy, and customer service. It deals with providing affordable and sustainable energy which consumers can rely on. 

To cancel your DTE services, you will need to call on their customer service number and ask their representative to cancel it for you. You will be required to provide some details related to your account. 

Keep reading as there is a lot of information that you need to know about for terminating your DTE services so that you do not face any trouble later. 

How To cancel DTE Services?

There is only one way in which your DTE services can be terminated which is by contacting the customer service team of the company.  

You can only contact the customer support team of DTE only through phone calls. So, if you are really determined to cancel your service, then dial the number 800 477 4747 on your phone.  

This will connect you with one of the customer support representatives of DTE who you can have a conversation with. 

You will be required to provide the agent with your account number and social security number and then make your request for the cancelation of your services.

Make sure that you ask them for providing you with a confirmatory email on the successful cancelation of your DTE services. 

How To Cancel eBill Paperless Billing? 

If you just want to cancel your paperless eBill billing of DTE, then here is what you will be required to do. 

First of all, you need to go to the official website of DTE and sign in to your DTE Energy account. 

When you see the “View and Pay” section, under that, you will see the Go Paperless option on the screen. 

Next to that option will be a checkbox that is already checkmarked and you have to uncheck that box. 

Once you do that and save the changes, your eBill paperless billing shall be terminated successfully. 

How To Transfer DTE Service To Another Person?

If you wish to transfer your DTE service to someone else, you have to contact the customer service of DTE and provide them with that person’s name, phone number, address, DTE account number, social security number (or ITIN). 

Then, make your transfer request to the customer support agent, and your job is done. Next, the new account holder will have to set up his/her account and then use the service. 


When Does DTE Shut Off Service? 

DTE can shut off your service if you have any outstanding balance on your bill and you do not pay it even after being issued the notice of termination which lasts 30 days from the day your bill is considered outstanding. 

How To Switch DTE To My Name? 

If you want to switch DTE to your name, then the current owner of the account will have to contact DTE’s customer service and ask them to switch it to your name after providing your details. Then, you can set up your new account as the account holder. 

Wrapping Up 

We think that we have provided you with all the necessary details about the cancelation of your DTE services and you wouldn’t have any trouble while doing so. If, by any chance, you still face any difficulty, do let us know. 

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