Do This To Cancel Dr Squatch Order!

Cancel Dr Squatch Order

Have you been ordering a lot of natural products from Dr. Squatch? Then you must have really loved using them. But do you know how to cancel a Dr. Squatch order when you placed it but no longer need it? If you wish to cancel your Dr. Squatch order, here’s the guide.

There are numerous brands that use natural ingredients in their products. Most of them are for women but Dr. Squatch prepares them specifically for men. The soaps of this brand use natural products that are good to nourish your skin and they are even fragrant. The users did review that after using it, their skin feels great.

You can cancel your Dr. Squatch order through their official website and you can cancel your subscription from your Dr. Squatch account and from the website help.  Continue reading to know the detailed steps for your product cancellation.

How Can I Cancel Dr. Squatch Order?

By getting a subscription, you open a way for more savings. You do not require to buy the products again and again and you can just relax while your shipment will automatically reach you on time. You will be able to add or remove products from your order and even cancel or skip your order shipment. The members can also save up to 15% on their product orders and even free shipping for products price that go above the selected range. In case, you don’t want this, do this to cancel.

Yes, you can cancel your Dr. Squatch order but they only guarantee order cancellations within 30 minutes of your order placement. To cancel your product order, you will be required to-

1. Visit the official website of Dr. Squatch and navigate to the My Orders tab.

2. From the several options available, select Can You Cancel My Order?

3. Open the page and click on Contact Us.

4. There, you will have to provide your credentials, and email address, and in the box below, write down your reason for contacting them, which is your cancellation request.

5. Follow the steps as directed by them and you will be able to cancel your order.

How To Cancel Dr. Squatch Subscription?

You can cancel your Dr. Squatch Subscription through your account or with the help of the website.

Cancel Subscription From Dr. Squatch Account

1. Go to Dr.Squatch and add your credentials to log in to your Dr. Squatch account.

2. Click on the All Subscriptions tab.

3. From the page, hit the Edit button.

4. Now, select Cancel Subscription and follow the other information they provide to complete the procedure.

Cancel Subscription Via Dr. Squatch Website

1. Visit the Contact Us page of the official website of Dr. Squatch.

2. You will see a contact form there, add all the required details to the form.

3. You can select the Squatchscription Question option from there.

4. Click on Next and then tell them that you are a subscriber.

5. When you hit the Next button again, you will be able to choose I want to cancel my subscription.

6. Submit your cancellation request when you are done and wait for Dr. Squatch Customer Service to contact you in some time.

Is Your Dr. Squatch Order Taking Forever?

Dr. Squatch says that once you place an order on their platform, you must provide them with about 1-5 business days for processing the order and getting it ready for shipment. However, during the Covid times, the customers did complain that their orders took too long to come and Dr. Squatch blamed the then current situation for this. But even now some are complaining that their orders are taking forever.

There can be a problem with processing your order or something might be wrong with the shipment procedure. You must wait up to the given shipment delivery period and waiting even a day or two more should not be a serious problem but if you still don’t get the delivery then it is best to visit the Contact Us page of their official website and tell them about your problems.

Cancel Dr. Squatch Order- FAQs

How Can I Contact Dr. Squatch Customer Service? Email And Phone Number?

If you have queries related to your orders or anything else then you can visit the Dr. Squatch website and go to the Contact Us page. You can also send them an email to [email protected]. You can also talk to their representatives by calling them at (844) 643-8347.

What To Do When You Get The Wrong Order From Dr. Squatch? Request For Refund

There have been a few complaints where the customers said that they received the wrong order from Dr. Squatch. If you too are facing a similar problem, Dr. Squatch says that you can return your order within 30 days of the order being received and you will be refunded accordingly.

You will be required to visit the Contact Us page on their website and write down your problem. Do as directed and return your wrong order.

How To Lookup Dr. Squatch Order Number?

You can look up your Dr. Squatch order and the order tracking number by visiting the My Orders tab on your Dr. Squatch account page. From there, you can see your Order details, and there you will also find your Order Number at the top.

Wrap Up

Skincare must always be taken seriously and the addition of natural ingredients items in your grooming products can provide great relief to your sensitive skin. Dr. Squatch is known for its amazing male grooming products and the natural ingredients are their base.

You can easily order your favorite scented products from their website and if you don’t want a particular Dr. Squatch order, you can easily cancel it. Follow the order and subscription cancellation steps that we discussed above and you are done.

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