How To Cancel Dobbies Membership? 3 Ways To Contact Support!

cancel dobbies membership

If you have a great love for nature and gardening is one of your favorite activities then you might have been a part of Dobbies Garden Centres. But if you don’t want to continue with the membership then we can help you cancel Dobbies by providing effective termination steps. 

Dobbies Garden Centres are well known for their quality horticulture. With Dobbies, you can shop for the best garden products and items to enhance the beauty of your garden. Products for pets and birds and garden furniture, etc are all available to be purchased at Dobbies. 

To cancel your Dobbies Garden Centre membership, you will have to notify them by contacting their Customer Support department via Phone Call, email, or by providing them contact permission

Dobbies Garden Centre Terms & Conditions For Membership Cancellation

If you don’t feel like continuing with Dobbies then you can terminate it any time you want. According to Dobbies Garden Centre Terms & Conditions, if you have an annual membership then you can cancel it at any time by notifying them of the same. And after you cancel your Dobbies membership, all the benefits provided by the membership will still remain valid for the complete duration of your current Dobbies annual membership. 

How Can I Cancel Dobbies Membership?

You will be able to cancel your Dobbies Membership by contacting their Customer Service department. You can get in touch with their representatives by giving them a call, sending an email, or allowing Dobbies to contact you via a permission form

Contact Dobbies Garden Centre Via Phone Call

1. Calling the Dobbies Customer Support team representative is an easy method to cancel your membership. 

2. Dial their help number 0131 5616 406 and this will connect you to Dobbies. 

3. Convey your request for membership cancellation and give all the required personal and membership information that they may need for termination. 

4. Follow the steps as they say and you are done. 

Contact Dobbies Garden Centre Via Email

1. You can also send an email to Dobbies your membership cancellation request. 

2. Open the default email app on your device and initiate composing the email. 

3. In the Subject Box of the email, write Request To Cancel Dobbies Membership

4. In the Body, write down that you wish to cancel your membership at Dobbies and provide your membership-related information and personal details that they will require.

5. When you are done composing the email, send it to [email protected]

They will get back to you soon as they receive your email. 

Contact Dobbies Garden Centre Via Contact Permission

1. Another way to get in touch with Dobbies Customer Support is by providing them with Contact Permission. 

2. The Contact Permission is a way to permit Dobbies to contact you regarding your queries so if you give the permission, they will handle your query and contact you accordingly with satisfying solutions. 

3. To give permission, visit Dobbies Contact Us page. Scroll down till you reach the Your Details section. 

4. Now fill out the form and provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Contact number. 

5. When you are done, read the Contact Permission detail and then check the circle next to Yes

This way, you will give them permission to contact you for your queries and doubts. 

Cancel Dobbies Membership- FAQs

Do Dobbies Give Refunds?

Yes, Dobbies claim to provide a refund for your plant purchase. You will have to bring your purchased plant to any of the nearest Dobbies stores and should also bring proof of purchase. Your plant label may also be required. They will either replace your plant or provide you with a complete refund for the same. 

How Can I Renew Dobbies Club Plus Membership?

If you want to renew your Dobbies Club Plus membership then it is possible in-store or online. You can visit your Dobbies store and ask them to renew your membership or you can sign in to your Dobbies account online on their official website and renew your membership from there. 

Wrap Up

Dobbies provide all the amazing gardening items and products to upgrade your housing lawns or gardens or for other use. However, if you already purchased the membership and don’t want to continue with it then follow the steps as discussed above to cancel it. You can also contact their Customer Support team for other related queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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