How To Cancel Dish Network Subscription?

How To Cancel Dish Network Subscription?

If you have also been dealing with troubles with the direct broadcast satellite provider because of their overcharging prices for fewer channels and enactment of 2-year contracts without any permission, then we think that you are gladly waiting to cancel your Dish Network subscription, and we are here to assist you through this. 

Although Dish Network has been ranked as the top company for four consecutive years as per the customer satisfaction survey, this is not completely true which can be revealed by the fact that a lot of people have been terminating their services and switching to another network provider. 

If you also plan to cancel your Dish Network subscription, you will be required to contact their customer support by calling on their official number and make your request to have the subscription canceled after providing them with all the necessary details that the agent asks for.

To understand in detail the policies as well as the procedure for canceling your Dish Network subscription, we suggest that you continue reading this article and attain all the information that you need for this. 

How To Cancel Dish Network Subscription?

There is only one official method as of now through which you can get your subscription to Dish Network canceled, which is by contacting their customer support over the phone. 

You need to dial the number 855 782 7086 on your phone to connect with one of the representatives of the Retention Department of Dish Network. You will be required to enter your 10-digit account number for the subscription for verification purposes in order to move ahead with the cancelation.  

Once you are assigned an executive, you can speak with them and make a request for the cancelation of your Dish Network subscription. 

Provide the representative with all the necessary details related to your subscription which they ask for so that they can easily process its cancelation. 

Make sure to ask the agent to provide you with a confirmation message on the successful cancelation of the subscription. 

Remember that the phone call service of Dish Network is available only from 8 am to 12 pm ET throughout the week, so you can only contact them within this time period. Moreover, you are allowed to choose a language for speaking from English and Spanish. 

How To Cancel Dish Network Online?

Unfortunately, Dish Network doesn’t provide any option for the cancelation of your subscription to their service through online mode. So, in any case, you are only left with the calling option for requesting the termination of their service. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For Dish Network Subscription?

Yes, Dish Network charges its subscriber an exorbitant fee amount for the cancelation of their services before the end of their contractual period. So, if you are planning to cancel your Dish Network before your contract has even expired, then you will be required to pay a cancelation fee of $20 for every month that is left on your contract. 

How Do I Cancel My Dish Network Without Penalty?

The only condition when you are not charged a single penny for the termination of your Dish Network services is when you are not in a contract with them. As long as it is a contract, you are going to have to pay money for every month on the contract which you canceled.  Alternatively, you can be saved from the penalty only when you cancel your Dish Network at the end of your contract. 

What Happens When You Cancel Dish Network Within 30 Days?

If you cancel your Dish Network services within the first 180 days of subscribing to them, then you will not have to pay for the purchase price as well as any of the subscriber credits for that and your plan will be terminated easily. You can cancel it by contacting the customer service of Dish Network by calling on 1 800 333 DISH (3474). 


How Long Is A Dish Network Contract?

Dish Network often enacts a 24-month contract to its subscribers without even asking for their permission and then it gets difficult to opt out of the subscription due to the high cancelation fee. Otherwise, the normal subscription of a Dish Network service is only on a monthly basis where you pay for the service every month. 

Can You Cancel Dish Network Without Calling?

No, as of now, there is no way that you will be able to cancel your Dish Network subscription without making a phone call to their customer support representatives. Calling is the only mode available for customers to request the termination of their subscription. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have found this article in time and didn’t have to pay for another contract with Dish Network which you do not want to have. If there is any other service or subscription that you want to eagerly get rid of, then we are always here for you to help you out with the same.

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