How To Cancel Discord Nitro? 2 Effective Cancellation Modes!

how to cancel discord nitro

Are you taking a break from gaming or no longer need the Discord feature? Whatever your reason is, if you are using Discord Nitro and don’t wish to continue with it anymore then we can help you cancel Discord Nitro by providing you with easy and effective steps. 

Discord allows users to communicate with others while gaming and the Discord Nitro subscription takes a step forwards by giving access to custom emojis, stickers, animated avatars, and more. You can go through the subscription plans and select the one that would be the best for you. 

If you are planning to discontinue the services provided by Discord Nitro then you can cancel it online. You will be able to cancel Discord Nitro from the desktop by signing in to your account or through the Discord Nitro mobile application

How Much Is Discord Nitro? Does Discord Nitro Provide Free Trial?

One of the most popular gaming chat service providers, Discord Nitro allows users to chat with others while gaming. Discord Nitro is a paid membership with which you get access to other benefits and features that you lacked previously. It consists of about three subscription plans and you can select the one that works best for you. 

Subscription Plans Charges
Nitro$9.99/month$99.99 a year
Nitro Classic$4.99/month$49.99 a year
Nitro Basic$2.99/month

The Nitro subscription plan costs $9.99/month and about $99.99 a year and you get access to Custom Video Backgrounds, Nitro Badge, Animated Avatars with a File upload limit of about 100MB, and much more. The Nitro Classic subscription is available for $4.99/month

$49.99 a year and you get access to Animated Avatars, Nitro Badge, and a File upload limit of about 50MB with other benefits. The Nitro Basic subscription can be purchased for $2.99/month and the plan gives you the benefits of Custom Video Backgrounds, and Nitro Badge, with a File upload limit of about 20MB. There are also several other features available for you with this plan. 

Discord Nitro provides users with a free trial for the first 3 months only if they are new users. After the free trial period is over, your subscription plan will change to a recurring subscription and you will be charged accordingly. 

How Can I Cancel Discord Nitro?

You can cancel Discord Nitro from your mobile or from desktop//web. 

Cancel Discord Nitro From Web/Desktop

1. Open the web page and Sign in to your Discord account

2. Navigate to the User Settings icon and under the BILLING SETTINGS section, select Subscriptions

3. This will open the Your Subscriptions page and will show you details of your subscription. 

4. Click on the Cancel option on the page and then at the bottom, hit the Continue button. 

5. Now click on Confirm and this will cancel the service.

Cancel Discord Nitro On Mobile

1. To cancel Discord Nitro on the mobile application, go to the User Profile icon at the bottom. 

2. From User Settings, hit the Manage Subscription option under Nitro Settings. 

3. Now tap on the Cancel button on the screen page and then tap on Cancel Subscription

This will cancel your Discord Nitro subscription from your mobile. 

Cancel Discord Nitro- FAQs

What Happens If You Cancel Discord Nitro?

Canceling your Discord Nitro subscription will remove your access to all those special features and benefits. You will no longer have access to a 30% discount on Boost purchases. You will also lose animated avatars, custom backgrounds, and related features. 

How To Cancel Discord Nitro Free Trial?

You can cancel your Discord Nitro free trial by signing into your Discord account and navigating to User Settings. Then go to Subscriptions and select the subscription you wish to cancel and click on the Cancel button next to it. This will terminate your free trial and you won’t be charged with a paid membership.

How Can I Manage Discord Subscription? Discord Manage Subscription

To edit or manage your Discord subscription, you will have to go to the User Settings section and then choose Subscriptions. On the page, you will see Subscriptions and Memberships and then you can choose the Manage Membership button there to make the desired changes. 

What To Do If I Can’t Cancel Discord Nitro? How To Contact Discord Nitro Customer Support?

If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and are signed in from the correct account then you will be able to cancel your Discord Nitro. However, if you are still unable to cancel Discord Nitro then you can contact their Customer Support department. Visit the Discord Support page and Submit a request related to your query. 

Do You Get A Refund If You Cancel Discord Nitro?

The users can request a refund for a Nitro or Server Boost purchase by contacting the Discord Support team and submitting their request and related information. The request must be made within 5 days of the initial purchase on the Discord Support Page

Wrap Up

You can use Discord Nitro for chatting and other communication and the subscription plan presents even more features and benefits. But if you are already a subscriber and are planning to end the subscription then follow the detailed subscription cancellation steps discussed above. Contact Discord Nitro Customer Service for more related help.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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