How To Cancel Crew Carwash? Crew Carwash Contact Number!

cancel crew carwash

You might have been visiting Crew Carwash to give your car some pampering but is your car having a good time there? Or have you found another better place with better services and affordable prices? Whatever your reason, if you wish to cancel it, we are here to help you. 

Crew Carwash has about 40 car wash locations and offers unlimited washes for a month. The services provided by them include full-service car wash, self-service wash bays, and also fleet washes. They also allow customers to wash their cars at any crew location. 

You will be able to cancel Crew Carwash by contacting the Crew Carwash Support team on their given phone number. You may speak to a location representative and they will help you cancel your membership there. 

How To Cancel Crew Carwash? Cancel Crew Carwash Unlimited

1. You can easily cancel Crew Carwash by contacting Crew Carwash Customer Support. 

2. Dial their given phone number 1-866-632-5627 and you will be connected to a representative and will have to request them to cancel your membership. 

3. You must ensure that your cancellation request is made about 24 hours prior to your monthly billing date. 

4. Give them your Unlimited Tag number and also provide your membership details and personal information. 

5. Do as they say and your membership will be canceled for good. 

How Can I Manage My Unlimited Membership At Crew Carwash?

1. If you wish to make some changes to your Crew Carwash Unlimited membership or manage it then you can do so online. 

2. Visit the Manage Crew Carwash page and you can fill out and submit a form there. 

3. Below the I want to section, select the request that you want to submit to Crew Carwash. 

4. Provide your first name, last name, email, and also phone number as they ask. 

5. Also add the barcode from your windshield. Give details of your request in the comment section and then hit Next. 

Cancel Crew Carwash- FAQs

Will I Get A Refund From Crew Carwash?

Crew Carwash will not provide you with a refund for mid-month cancellations or for your billing cycles where there is no wash usage. You may request a refund from Crew Carwash for other situations. 

Does Crew Carwash Cancel Membership? Crew Carwash Terminate Plan

Crew Carwash might cancel your membership or terminate your plan anytime if the charges you pay get declined. The charge, if declined in the credit card processing system may enable them to terminate your membership plan at Crew Carwash. Also, they may terminate plans for abuse and safety concerns.

Does Crew Carwash Have Monthly Membership Plans?

Yes, all of their unlimited plans are monthly automatic recharge memberships. Customers are charged every month for their membership plans. These charges are to be paid at the enrollment date every month but it may vary one or two days some times. 

How Can I Contact Crew Carwash Customer Support?

For any of your queries, doubts, complaints, or questions, you can contact Crew Carwash at 844.403.2739. This will connect you to their representatives and you can get the desired help from them. You may also use their Live Chat feature to speak to their representatives. 

Visit the Crew Carwash Contact Us page and get all the contact details from there. Choose any of the contact modes you prefer. 

Wrap Up

If you want to give the best cleaning services to your vehicle and are not getting the desired results from Crew Carwash then you can cancel your membership plan by following the above-mentioned steps. We have also provided steps to manage your membership. 

Contact the Crew Carwash Customer Support department for more help regarding your persisting queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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