How To Cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance? 3 Proven Ways!!

How To Cancel Coverwise

Are you unsatisfied with the services of Coverwise and you feel like you are just wasting your money on its travel policy? But not now, Don’t bother anymore, as now it’s time for you to cancel Coverwise insurance with some easy ways which we are going to discuss later in this article. 

If you want a perfect travel insurance policy for you and your family to travel internationally or within the UK, then Coverwise is best for you. Coverwise insurance has many benefits that make your travel journey safe and affordable. It offers different types of insurance which include- Single Trip Travel Insurance, Annual Multi Trip Insurance, Pre-existing medical conditions, and Annual car hire Excess Insurance for one driver. If you wanna know about its cancelation ways, then be with us in this article. 

You can cancel your Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy with the following methods-

  • Cancel Via Mail
  • Cancel Via Email
  • Cancel By Submitting a Request 

Can I Cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance Within 14 Days?

Yes, In fact, this is the best option to cancel your Coverwise Travel Insurance policy within the first 14 days as it after that the chances of getting your refund are high even after canceling the policy.

Can You Cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance And Get A Refund?

Yes, you can cancel your Coverwise Travel Insurance policy at any time but it is recommended to you clearly understand your policy terms and contact their team in writing within 14 days of receiving documents. You are allowed to cancel your Coverwise Travel Insurance policy and get a full refund only in that case if you have not traveled from the policy yet and you have not claimed anything. 

You can cancel your Coverwise Policy at any time by sending a written notice to their team or by sending them a cancelation email. In order to get the full refund after cancelation, make sure that you do all this cancelation process within the initial 14 days of getting the documents. After 14 days, no premium refunds will be issued to you.  

How To Cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy In Writing?

The first method to cancel your Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy is by sending a written letter or notice to their service team in which you clearly need to mention that you want to cancel your Travel Insurance policy and send that written letter to their team on their team via mail on their mailing address. After receiving your mail, their team will get back to you for your help. 

Coverwise Mailing Address:

Coverwise Sales & Service,

4th Floor, 

Southfield House, 

Liverpool Gardens,


BN11 1RY

How To Cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance Policy Via Email?

If you like the Email option for cancelation, then you can send a cancelation email to their team. Just follow these simple steps and you are all done to cancel the policy via Email. 

  1. Start writing an email from your Email Application and make sure to include “Request for canceling policy” in the Subject Field
  1. Include all the necessary details in the body of the email along with your policy as well as personal details
  1. When your Email is composed, send it to their emailing address at [email protected] and wait for their confirmation.
  1. They will contact you soon and help you in canceling your policy. 

How To Contact Coverwise Customer Service For Cancelation?

You can also contact their team, especially for cancelation by sending your cancelation request to them by filling out a simple general form. Follow these step-by-step guide to ensure your cancelation by contacting their team. 

  1. Go to the Coverwise Contact Page and click on the “Contact Us” option from the screen
  1. Select “Policy Cancellation” from the “How can we help?” section on the next page
  1. Then, tap on “Cancel my policy” from the drop-down menu and fill out the below form with all the required details, and hit the “Continue” button
  1. From the next page, choose the options for the questions ad select the reason for your cancelation. 
  1. Then, click the “Send a Request” button and your request will be sent to their team. You can check your Email, for confirmation messages. 

If you would like to speak with one of their team members to cancel your policy or for asking any other questions, then you can make a call on their call center number 01903 255 650. Their calling services are open from Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm. 

For AXA Emergency Assistance: For getting urgent medical assistance during your trip, you can make call on the AXA Emergency service at 0203 126 4042

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of A Coverwise Insurance Policy?

Coverwise offers the following varieties of insurance policy plans-

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: $5.15
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: $11.00
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: $4.95
  • Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance for one driver: $29.95 


Whether you found a better alternative instead of Coverwise, then you can cancel your Coverwise Policy at any time with the methods mentioned above in this article. If you are facing any problem with cancelation, then you can contact their customer service team during their working hours to get guidance from them. Also Know, how to cancel Safeco Insurance.


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