How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription?

How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription?

It seems like you took the Covenant Eyes Subscription because you want to quit watching adult content and now that your addiction is under control, you wish to cancel Covenant Eyes subscription.

Covenant Eyes is a subscription program specially designed for those people who are struggling to quit watching adult content. This plan is for both men and women. Their team will guarantee you to be free from adult streaming addiction within 30 days. 

You can cancel your Covenant Eyes subscription by contacting their Member Care team. 

What Is The Price Of The Covenant Eyes Subscription?

The subscription price of Covenant Eyes is simple and affordable. You can take its monthly subscription at $17 or Annual subscription at $184. Up to 10 users and unlimited devices are included in its subscription plan. 

How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription By Calling?

Follow these steps and cancel your Covenant Eyes Subscription by calling. 

  1. Contact the Covenant customer care team by calling this number 1.989.720.8000 (Inside or Outside of the U.S.)
  2. You will immediately get connected with the team member on a call.
  3. Inform the member to cancel your subscription and they will do it for you. 

How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription By Email?

You can also submit your cancelation request to the Covenant Eyes Member care team by sending an email. You need to submit your Name, Email, Subject (Cancel Subscription), and Message to [email protected]

You can connect with their team on Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5.15 am. Saturday and Sunday are closed. 

How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription By Chat?

Go to the Covenant Eyes Contact Page and tap on the “Chat” icon from the bottom right side of the screen. You will then connect with the agent on the chat. 

How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription- How To Cancel Covenant Eyes Subscription By Chat?

Continue the chat by typing the message “I want to cancel my Covenant Eyes Subscription” and they will help you with that. 

I Subscribed Covenant Eyes Via In-App Purchase. How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel the subscription, if you have purchased it from the In-App Stores (Apple Or Google). 

Cancel Apple In-App Purchase

  1. Open your iPhone settings
  2. Click on the Apple ID
  3. Tap on Subscriptions 
  4. Select Covenant Eyes Subscription 
  5. Click on the Cancel Subscription button 

Cancel Google In-App Purchase

  1. Open the Google Play Store App
  2. Open the menu options by tapping on your profile from the top 
  3. Select Payments and Subscriptions 
  4. Again tap on Subscriptions 
  5. Choose Covenant Eyes Subscription 
  6. Click on the Cancel button and then Yes to confirm the cancelation. 

How Do I Uninstall Covenant Eyes On A Windows Computer?

Follow these steps and uninstall Covenant Eyes from your Windows computer. 

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon from the taskbar
  2. Click on Apps & Features
  3. Locate Covenant Eyes, select it, and tap on the three-dot button 
  4. Tap on “Uninstall” and click “Yes” for removal of Covenant Eyes
  5. Wait for the uninstaller to launch on the Covenant Eyes InstallShield Wizard Preparing Setup Screen. 
  6. Type the Uninstall Code and tap on “Next”
  7. Again, click “Next” and remove Covenant Eyes
  8. Covenant Eyes will removed from the Uninstall Status screen
  9. When it’s done, tap on the Finish button and restart the computer. 

How To Uninstall Covenant Eyes From An iPhone?

The steps to uninstall Covenant Eyes from an iPhone are simple. Follow these instructions- 

  1. Locate the Covenant Eyes App from your iPhone’s home screen. 
  2. Press and hold the Covenant Eyes App icon
  3. Click on “Remove App”
  4. Select “Delete” and the app will be uninstalled and removed from your home screen. 

How To Stop Automatic Payments From Your Credit Card?

Contact your Credit Card issuer company and request them to stop or disable the automatic payment system across different subscriptions or services from your card. 

With this, you will not be deducted from the Covenant Eyes subscription plan. 

Covenant Eyes Reviews- Is It A Good Choice?

Its reviews are different according to the customer’s experience. Covenant Eyes got 2.6 ratings out of 5 stars from 26 reviews. It has got mixed reviews from the customers. 

According to some of them, this app worked with a supportive customer support team. Without even feeling guilty, you can share any of your issues with their team. They won’t judge you but help you with that. 

While for some, this app didn’t work, gives negative reviews about Covenant Eyes. Overall, the app helps block adult sites and hide your search results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Delete Covenant Eyes Account?

To delete your Covenant Eyes Account, you need to contact their member care team either by using the Chat option or by calling 989-720-8000. 

I Uninstalled Covenant Eyes. Why Is Covenant Eyes Still Charging Me For A Subscription?

Uninstalling Covenant Eyes can not cancel your subscription. You can still be billed for its subscription plan even after uninstalling. Talk to their member care team and cancel your subscription. 

Does Covenant Eyes Offer Refunds?

Yes, Covenant Eyes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its members. 

How To Contact Covenant Eyes Customer Service?

You can contact their member care team by calling 989-720-8000, emailing- [email protected], or by their Chat functionality. 


Now you don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore because of your habit of watching excessive adult content. Covenant Eyes makes it easy for you with its mature content-quitting subscription programs. 

Try out its plan and see results in a few weeks. You can also cancel the plan at any time by contacting their service team with the methods mentioned above.

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