How To Cancel Compassion International? 2 Ways To Contact!

cancel compassion international

You must have joined Compassion International for Child sponsorship, but there can be situations when you no longer wish to keep up with a program, platform, or service. If you want to cancel Compassion International for any reason then we won’t judge you for your reasons instead, we are here to help you cancel it. 

Compassion International is a Child sponsorship aid organization in America. Their core aim is to enhance and develop the lives of children at a global level who are living in poverty. The program provides services related to healthcare, education, and more that will help children to grow well. Children all over the world are provided with this help. 

You can cancel Compassion International effortlessly by contacting their Customer Support department through their phone number and requesting cancellation. You can also send a message to them online to contact their Help team

How Can I Cancel Compassion International?

You will be able to cancel Compassion International by contacting their support department and requesting them to cancel the service. 

Contact Compassion International Via Phone

1. An effective mode to cancel Compassion International is by dialing their Support team number and requesting the same. 

2. You can give call to their Help department at (800) 336-7676 and you will be connected to a representative. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel Compassion International and they will ask you for a reason.

4. They will try their best to keep you but you must be determined with your request. 

5. Provide them the personal and your Compassion International details that they may require to terminate the service and follow the steps as they say. 

Contact Compassion International Online

1. Members can also contact Compassion International online and request cancellation.

2. For that, you must visit the Compassion International Contact Us page and fill out the short form there. 

3. First, provide your name and email address in the boxes shown on the Contact page. 

4. Now from the Subject box, choose a topic that you may need help with. 

5. Give details of your request in the Message box and when you are done, hit the Submit Information button. 

Cancel Compassion International- FAQs

At What Age Does CompassionSponsorship End? What Age Do You Stop Sponsoring A Compassion Child?

The Compassion International Child Sponsorship program lets the sponsors support the child and stay with them till about 18 to 22 years of age and the number may vary depending on the country. However, this is not a finalized age and you can support the child till the end of the program. 

How To Contact Compassion International Customer Service? Compassion International Phone Number

Whenever you face any problem with the service or need to raise concerns or issues regarding the same then you can contact Compassion International by dialing their Help number (800) 336-7676 and this will connect you to a representative. You can also contact Compassion International online by sending them a message regarding your request by visiting the Compassion International Contact Us page.

What Happens When You Stop Sponsoring A Child?

If you stop sponsoring a child at Compassion International then according to them, the child will still be provided with the required care until they find a new sponsor. You can discontinue your sponsorship anytime you want by contacting the Compassion International Support Department. 

Wrap Up

Compassion International can be a way to help and support a child living in poverty so that he gets the care that he deserves. But if you are not satisfied with Compassion International or are unable to continue with the program due to any personal reason then you can easily cancel it by following the above-mentioned steps. For more related or other details, you can get help from the Compassion International Support Department. You can also cancel Planned Parenthood.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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