How To Cancel BPI Card? Effective Way To Cancel Credit Card

How To Cancel BPI Card? Effective Way To Cancel Credit Card

Not all credit cards provide you as many benefits as you want. Some People who have accounts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) are also experiencing the same issue with their BPI Credit Card. 

That’s why they want to cancel BPI Card. Here in this article, you will get to know the ways to cancel the BPI credit card easily. 

You need to contact the BPI customer service team on their available phone number to cancel your credit card. 

Can You Cancel Your BPI Credit Card?

Yes, you can cancel your BPI Credit Card. Cancelation can only be done by the cardholder. If you cancel your card before its first issued anniversary, then you will be charged a cancelation fee for that. 

How To Cancel BPI Card? 

If you are a BPI cardholder and want to cancel your Credit Card, then you can submit your card cancelation request by contacting the BPI customer service team. You can either contact them by calling the 24-hour BPI Contact Center or in writing. 

You can call on these numbers to cancel the BPI Card. 

  • +632-889-10000 (mobile phone and international calls)
  • 1-800-188-89100 (domestic toll-free number)
  • 889-10000 (areas with “02” code)

Get connected with their team on a call and ask them to cancel your BPI Credit Card. 

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What If Your BPI Credit Card Is Lost Or Damaged?

It is the responsibility of every Cardholder to safeguard your Credit Card. If your BPI Credit card is ever lost, then you need to report it immediately to the BPI customer care team. 

Call the number +632-889-10000 and submit your report about the lost credit card. Their team will then cancel your Credit Card and get you a replacement card. You’ll be charged a fee by BPI to get a new card. 

How To Contact The BPI Card Customer Service?

To contact the BPI Credit Card customer service team, you can fill out this Contact Form and send it to their team. Their team will contact you after that. 

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Contact the BPI team by calling the 24-hour service center at +632-889-10000 (mobile phone and international calls), 1-800-188-89100 (domestic toll-free number), and 889-10000 (areas with “02” code)

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel BPI Credit Card Online?

You can not cancel your BPI Credit Card online. The only way to cancel a BPI card is to contact their customer care team and ask them to cancel. 

Will I Still Pay Fees After Canceling My Credit Card?

If any of your credit card balance is left, then you need to pay that outstanding balance, even after canceling the credit card. 

Is There A Fee To Use The Credit Card Again After Termination?

Yes, you have to pay some amount of processing fee for using your Credit Card again. 

Will Canceling My BPI Credit Card Affect My Credit Score?

Yes, your total credit score will be affected after canceling your BPI Credit Card. 


If there comes a time, when you need to cancel your BPI Credit Card, then call the BPI card customer service team and cancel it quickly. Make sure that you pay all of your outstanding dues before canceling the card.

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