How To Cancel Blue Apron Subscription? Cancel Meal Delivery!

Cancel Blue Apron

If you are feeling like you have had enough meals from Blue Apron and it was not worth your money, then you should switch to some other meal box service. But, for that, you will be required to cancel your Blue Apron subscription, and we know how you can do that. 

For those who cannot take time to cook food for themselves, there are a lot of meal box services available out there that provide you with the food of your choice. Blue Apron is one such service where you can have your weekly meal kits. 

To cancel your Blue Apron subscription, you can either call on their customer service number, email their customer support email address, or go to your Blue Apron account and select the “Cancel Subscription” option for it. You can also cancel a particular Blue Apron order by skipping it. 

There is a lot more that you need to know regarding the cancelation of Blue Apron, especially if you just do not want to use the subscription for now and will resume it later, so keep reading. 

How To Cancel Blue Apron?

There are a few ways that can be applied for the cancelation of your subscription to Blue Apron. We shall discuss each of them right below so that you can easily decide which one to go with at your convenience. 

How To Cancel Blue Apron Over The Phone? 

You can easily cancel your Blue Apron account by calling on their customer support phone number and they will do the work for you. 

For this, all you have to do is call on the number 888-278-4349 and you will be connected to the customer support representative of Blue Apron. You can tell them that you do not want your Blue Apron subscription anymore. 

Make sure that you have access to all the details of your Blue Apron account with you which you will be asked by the representative, so provide them accordingly. Follow any instructions provided by the representative and your subscription to Blue Apron shall be terminated. 

How To Cancel Blue Apron Via Email?

If you are not willing to make a phone call to the customer service of Blue Apron, you also have the email option to request the cancelation of your Blue Apron subscription. 

So, just compose an email mentioning that you do not want to continue your subscription to Blue Apron, and also provide all the important details related to your Blue Apron account including your personal information. 

Once you have properly composed the mail, send it to the address [email protected]. Customer support will check your email and process the request for cancelation, and you will receive a confirmation email regarding the same. 

How To Cancel Blue Apron Online?

If you neither wish to call on the customer service number of Blue Apron nor send an email to them, then you also have the option to manually cancel it, here is what you will be required to do in that case. 

1. Open your device’s web browser and head to the official website of Blue Apron. 

2. Log in to your respective Blue Apron account and click on the “Manage” option on the screen. 

3. Here, you will find the option to “Cancel Meal or Wine Deliveries” and follow up as directed and your subscription shall be terminated. 

How To Pause Blue Apron?

If you do not wish to entirely cancel your subscription to Blue Apron but just do not want it for the time being, then you also have the option to pause your Blue Apron Subscription. 

If you wish to pause your Blue Apron subscription, then log in to your Blue Apron account and head to the page “Plan Settings”.

Here, you are required to select the “Account Settings” option and click on the Edit button next to “Meals or Wine”. 

Finally, you will see the ”Pause/Cancel Subscription” option, click on it and choose to pause your subscription for as long as you can. You are allowed to skip your Blue Apron deliveries for either 4, 6, or 8 weeks. 

How To Cancel The Blue Apron Order?

If you just want to cancel a particular order on Blue Apron, then here are the steps that you are required to follow. 

1. Log in to your Blue Apron account. 

2. In the top bar on the screen, click on the “Upcoming” option. 

3. Then, select the “Manage Delivery” option on the next page.

4. Here, you can choose the option saying “Skip this Delivery” and your order shall be canceled once you confirm your choice. 

What Is Blue Apron Cancellation Fee?

Blue Apron does not charge you with a cancellation fee after you terminate your subscription or pause your orders. Just follow the steps discussed above and cancel your subscription easily.

Wrapping Up

We hope that with the help of our article, you could easily cancel your subscription to Blue Apron and you would not have to endure their meals any longer as you probably didn’t like them. And we hope that you have found a much better service that delivers the food as per your desire. 

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