How To Cancel Subscription? Detailed Methods!!

How To Cancel Subscription?

Breaking up is never simple, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to cancel subscription. So, if you’re prepared to part ways with the leading provider of financial news and move on to more promising horizons, follow these easy steps to quickly and painlessly cancel your subscription.

Bloomberg is a global financial and media company that offers news, information, and analytics to consumers and financial professionals worldwide. With a focus on offering current information and insights on markets, businesses, and economic trends, the company has developed into a significant player in the financial sector. 

You can cancel the Subscription at any time via the Live Chat feature offered by the Bloomberg Team. Use of third-party platforms is also allowed for canceling the Bloomberg Subscription (if purchased from it). 

How Much Is Bloomberg Subscription?

There are many types of subscription plans for Bloomberg. Take a look at this table to know about their subscription plans and its price.

Bloomberg SubscriptionPlans
Digital Access$1.99 per month & $149 per year
Gift Subscription$299
All Access Subscription$399 per year
Student Subscription$9.99 per month

Apart from these subscriptions, Bloomberg also offers a Group Subscription to company staff and university students. If you want to take the subscription for 10 or more users, then you can opt for Group Subscription. Fill out this form from the bottom to get the Bloomberg Group Subscription.

Can You Cancel Subscription?

Yes, whether you want to cancel your monthly or annual subscription, you can cancel them at any time by notifying your intention of cancelation to their team. Note that, a subscription purchased through any third-party provider will also be canceled by the same third-party provider. 

How To Cancel Digital Or All Access Subscription? 

Firstly before canceling your Bloomberg Terminal Subscription, you need to notify their team that you are going to cancel the subscription. After that, to cancel your Digital or All Access Subscription, make sure that log in to your Account first from the Bloomberg Website. After signing in to your Bloomberg Account, tap the “Launch Chat” button to initiate communication with the Messaging Assistant from Bloomberg Media and ask them to cancel the subscription via message. 

Note that you are not able to access the Message Assistant from Private Browser (Apple). If you are still having any kind of trouble logging into the Help Chat, then you can email their team at [email protected] 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription If I Signed Up Through Google?

If you have purchased your Bloomberg Subscription from Google, then for canceling the subscription, you need to cancel it via your Google Account. Follow these steps to cancel your Bloomberg Subscription from Google.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device
  2. Head towards the Subscriptions category on your Google Play
  3. Choose Bloomberg Subscription from the list of Subscriptions
  4. Then, tap on Cancel Subscription 
  5. Follow a few steps more to confirm your cancelation 

How Do I Cancel My Businessweek Magazine Subscription?

If you are unsatisfied with the Bloomberg Businessweek Magazines, then you can cancel the subscription at any time by taking the help of their customer support service team. 

To cancel your Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Subscription, you can use their Customer Care Area Portal. You can log in to their portal via your account number and your last name. Follow the instructions to confirm the cancelation of your Businessweek Magazine Subscription. 

All unsent copies that hadn’t been mailed at the time of cancellation will receive a refund. Any bills you may have received after terminating your subscription should be ignored. Send your request for a refund to the agent if you purchased your subscription through an agency.

How Do I Cancel My eMagazines (Businessweek) Subscription?

To cancel your eMagazines Businessweek Subscription from Bloomberg, you just need to use the Launch Chat button from your Bloomberg Account to connect with their Messaging Assistant and ask for their help in cancelation. 

How Can I Cancel A Digital Edition (Businessweek) And Receive A Prorated Refund?

The Digital Edition Subscriptions, which you can purchase through Amazon and Barnas & Noble do not provide any prorated refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Its Cancellation & Refund Policy?

According to its refund and cancellation policy template, you will not get a full refund or even prorated refund for canceling your monthly or yearly Bloomberg subscription. You can access its subscription features at the end of your current billing cycle even after cancelation. But a Refund is impossible. 

How To Contact Bloomberg Customer Service?

You can visit the Bloomberg Help Center to get answers to any of your questions related to Bloomberg Service or Subscription. You can tap on the “Launch Chat” button from the bottom right side of the Help Center page to get connected with their team on a chat.  

Bloomberg Support Number

Americas +1 212 318 2000


Bloomberg provides a wide range of services, including a financial data platform used by investors and traders globally, a news website, a television network, and a radio station. Still, some people are in search of other best alternatives for Bloomberg. If you are also one of them then you need to cancel your Bloomberg Subscription first, then go for the other one and we hope that with the help of this article, you will surely end up with your subscription soon. 

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