How To Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan? All You Need To Know!

Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan

Are you not satisfied with the services under your pet’s Banfield Wellness Plan? Or maybe you no longer own the pet that you had taken up the plan for. Whatever the case might be, it is time that you cancel your Banfield Wellness Plan, and we know the right procedure for that. 

Pet owners need good wellness plans for their loving pets to take them for regular checkups, and Banfield Pet Hospital is one of the best options for you. These days, Banfield is also offering a wellness plan for pets referred to as the Optimum Wellness Plan which is available only for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.  

To cancel your Banfield Wellness Plan, you can either call on their customer support number or send an email requesting the cancelation of your plan to their official email address. You can also go to your Banfield account and uncheck the Renew option from there to terminate your membership plan. 

To know all the cancelation methods in detail for your Banfield Wellness Plan, we assume that you will need to continue reading further. 

How To Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan? How Do I Get Out Of A Banfield Contract?

There are three main ways for you if you are planning to terminate your Banfield Wellness Plan. For your convenience, we have discussed all three methods right below so that you can choose any one of them to implement. 

How To Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan Online On Web?

Apart from the methods of canceling your Banfield Wellness Plan that require you to connect with their customer support either via phone or email, there is one alternative method through which you can terminate your plan manually. 

Here is the procedure that you will need to go through if you wish to manually cancel your pet’s wellness plan on Banfield. 

1. Head to the official website of Banfield on your device’s web browser.

2. Enter your login credentials and log in to your respective Banfield account. 

3. On your account, head to the Accounts section.

4. Here you will find the “Manage Plan” option for the plan that you have taken up on Banfield, select it.

5. Now, among the options present on your screen for the chosen plan, you will see the Renew option, uncheck the box for this option. 

Once you do this, your plan on Banfield shall be terminated and you will not be charged for it any further for as long as you wish. 

How To Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan Over The Phone? 

The best and direct way for canceling your Banfield Wellness Plan is by calling on their customer service number and requesting a cancelation. 

So, all you have to do in this case is dial the number 888-649-2716 on your phone and you will be connected to a customer support representative whom you can talk to. Ask them to terminate your wellness plan on Banfield. 

They will ask for the necessary details related to your plan, provide them with the same and your cancelation request will be processed. 

How to Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan Via Email?

If you are the type of person who avoids calls as much as possible, then the calling option will not be suitable for you to cancel your Banfield Wellness Plan. So, in that case, you can also send an email to their customer support and ask them to cancel your plan.

In this case, you have to compose an email where you have to mention that you no longer need to continue your ongoing Banfield Wellness Plan. Provide them with an appropriate reason for your decision and also mention all the important details related to your current Banfield wellness plan that you wish to terminate. 

Once you have composed the entire email, send it to the address [email protected], which is the official email address of the customer support of Banfield Wellness Plan. 

Their customer support will soon process your cancelation request and will subsequently terminate the respective plan. Once the plan is canceled, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the same.  

What Is The Cost Of Banfield Wellness Plan?

There are different plans that come under this category based on which pet you have and which type of wellness plan you have selected on Banfield, Active Care, Active Care Plus, or Special Care. 

For dogs, here are the prices for your subscription to Banfield:

1. Special care plan – $707.40 per year or $58.95 per month.

2. Active care plus plan -$563.40 per year or $46.95 per month.

3. Active care plan – $455.40 per year or $37.95 per month. 

For cats, here are the prices of your subscription to Banfield:

1. Special care plan – $563.40 per year or $46.95 per month.

2. Active care plus plan – $455.40 per year or $37.95 per month.

3. Active care plan – $323.40 per year or $26.95 per month.

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude our article and hope that you were easily able to terminate your ongoing Banfield wellness plan before the end of your current billing cycle and you have found a much better pet care service. If there is any other membership plan that you don’t need anymore, we can help you with its cancelation process, so you can just mention it in the comments.

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