How To Cancel AT&T Prepaid Plan Service?

How To Cancel AT&T Prepaid Plan Service?

If you don’t want to continue with the services of AT&T and want to cancel AT&T Prepaid service, then this article will help you with this. 

AT&T is a telecommunication company called American Telephone and Telegraph Company that provides its customers with the services of wireless television & internet. 

You can cancel your AT&T Prepaid Service plan by simply not making a payment to your AT&T Service plan and the service will end automatically after a certain period of time. 

Read the entire article for getting to know about its cancelation in-depth. 

AT&T Prepaid Pricing Plans

AT&T Prepaid provides three types of service plans which are as follows. 

AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan

This plan costs around $45/month per line. With the Unlimited Starter Plan, you will get unlimited talk, data, and text services.  

AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security, 3GB Hotspot data per line per month, and Standarad-definition streaming. 

AT&T Unlimited Extra Plan

This costs around $50/month per line. In this plan, you will get Unlimited talk, text, and data + 50 GB of premium data. 

AT&T ActiveArmor advanced mobile security. Free app with Public Wifi Protection, Identity Monitoring, and more. 

You will also get 15 GB of Hotspot data per month and standard-definition streaming services. 

AT&T Unlimited Premium Plan

This is AT&T’s Best Plan, which costs around $60/month per line. Unlimited talk, high-speed data, and text services will be provided to you in this plan.  

AT&T ActiveArmor advanced mobile security. Identity Monitoring, a Free app with Public Wifi Protection is also added. 

You will also get 50 GB of Hotspot data per month and 4K UHD streaming available. 

How To Cancel AT&T Prepaid Service?

If you do not have an auto-renewal or autopay system, then every month, you have to make a payment to activate your service plan. 

When your balance expires, and you do not make a recharge or payment of your AT&T Prepaid plan, then your service will be canceled 60 days after your balance ends. 

How Can You Cancel Auto Renew For AT&T Prepaid Add-Ons?

Follow these steps to cancel Auto Renew for your AT&T Prepaid messaging, data, or other add-on features. 

  1. Go to your AT&T Account and click on Add-Ons from the top of the screen

  1. Tap on the Manage Auto Renew option for the package for which you wanna cancel Auto Renew

  1. Follow the instructions and make changes and then Cancel Auto Renew. 

How Do I Cancel Auto Pay For AT&T Prepaid?

  1. Log in to your AT&T Prepaid Account and click on the Home button

  1. Select Manage AutoPay and then End AutoPay

  1. Follow the steps on the screen to confirm your autopay cancellation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Contact AT&T Prepaid Customer Service?

For Bill & Account queries, you can make a call to AT&T customer service at 800.901.9878 from Mon-Sat, 9 am to 9 pm. 

For getting Support for travel abroad, call +1.408.962.1025. You can call them at any time, as their calling service team is available 24/7.

To chat with their customer service team, you have to Text Prepaid to 75421 from Mon-Sat, 9 am to 11 pm, and Sunday, 10 am to 11 pm. 

You can also get a Chat button icon on AT&T Contact Page. 

How AT&T Prepaid AutoPay Set Up Will Be Done?

Follow these simple steps to set up autopay on your AT&T Account- Go to AutoPay> Select the Account> Toggle AutoPay button> Follow the steps to confirm. 

For more help, call AT&T AutoPay Phone Number 844.822.3351, and when connected say Automatic Payment. 


With this, we concluded our this article on how to cancel AT&T Prepaid service. You can now cancel the service on your own directly from your AT&T Account. 

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