How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card? 5 Ways To Cancel!

Cancel ANZ Credit Card

If seems you are not making use of the ANZ Credit Card, that’s why want to cancel your Card. Do you know how it’s done? Don’t worry!! We are going to highlight some of the methods to cancel ANZ Credit Card in this article. 

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) is a banking sector in America that provides credit card services to its customers to access various benefits. 

If under any circumstance, you want to cancel your ANZ Credit Card, you can do it yourself with some online cancelation steps or by getting support from the ANZ customer service team. 

How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card Online?

Before closing your account, make sure that you have paid all of your credit cards and make use of all of the credit points. 

Follow these steps to cancel your ANZ Credit Card Online- 

  1. Log in to the Internet Banking
  2. Tap on your Credit Card Account
  3. Select Request for Account Closure under the Account section category
  4. Follow the instructions and close your credit card. 

How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card By Calling?

You can also cancel your ANZ Credit Card over the phone by making a call to the Credit Card inquiries phone number. 

If you are an ANZ existing account holder, then you can call 13 22 73 and ask the AMZ team member to close your credit card. International customers can call at +61 3 8693 5077. 

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How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card In-Person?

You can also submit your credit card cancellation request by visiting any of your Nearest ANZ branches and ask the bank manager or credit card issuer to close your ANZ Credit Card. 

This method is beneficial for those, who have the nearest ANZ Bank Branch to their location. 

How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card In Writing?

Another way to send your request to cancel the ANZ Credit Card is by sending a cancelation letter to the ANZ Team. 

Write a letter with the following details- 

  1. Account Holder Full Name
  2. Credit Card Account Number
  3. Request For Closure of Credit Card
  4. Account Holder Signature

When you are done, send the letter via Post to the below Mailing Address

Locked Bag No. 10

Collins Street West Post Office

Melbourne, Victoria 8007 

How To Cancel ANZ Credit Card Via Online Request Form?

Submitting an ANZ Credit Card cancellation form to the ANZ Team is another way to cancel your ANZ Credit Card. Those method who do not have access to Internet Banking can use this method to submit their request. 

You can get the Online Request Form here> Scroll down to the page and the form is visible> Fill out the form with the Personal Details and Your Request section> Select Close Credit Card> Hit the Submit button. 

Your credit card cancellation request has been submitted to the ANZ Team. 

How To Report A Lost Or Stolen ANZ Card?

Follow these online cancelation steps to report a lost or stolen card- 

  1. Open the ANZ App
  2. Select the Account
  3. Click on the Manage option> Manage Card
  4. Select the Card you would like to report
  5. Click on the Report Card Lost or Stolen 
  6. Follow the instructions to submit your credit card report request. 
  7. Your Credit Card will be canceled and you will get your new card within 5-7 days (For Australian residents). 

If you are facing difficulty in its online procedure, then you can directly make a call at 1800 033 844 (within Australia) and +61 3 8699 6955 (from overseas) and submit your Credit Card report request directly to their team. 

How To Temporarily Block Your Card In The ANZ App?

If you have lost your card and need some time to find it, then you can temporarily disable your card with the following steps- 

  1. Open the ANZ App
  2. Select the Account or Card
  3. Click Manage> Manage Card
  4. Select Temporarily Block Card> Block Card
  5. Within 15 minutes, your card will be blocked
  6. As soon as you find your card, you can then unblock it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Know When My Credit Card Account Is Actually Closed?

After submitting your card cancelation request, a written confirmation mail and account closing statement will be received via post. 

If I Have An Outstanding Balance, Will My Credit Card Closure Request Be Cancelled?

No, the cancelation request can not be declined, if you still have any balance left in your credit card. They will process your request and cancel your Credit Card. 
But, after cancelation, you have to pay all of your outstanding balances. 

How To Contact ANZ Credit Card Customer Service?

For New Credit Card Applications, you can contact them at 13 33 33, and for other Credit Card related inquiries, 13 22 73 or +61 3 8639 5077.


It is not necessary that you need to stick with the ANZ Credit Card if they are not providing you with the benefits you require. Pick any of the methods to cancel the ANZ Credit Card (mentioned above) and submit your cancelation request.

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