How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership With These 4 Ways?

How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership With These 4 Ways?

Many people have taken the services of AMVS Online so that they can get their vehicle registration, maintenance, etc. done comfortably from their homes. The process of using this site is easy so that it can be accessible to everyone. 

Despite providing the best services, some people reported that this AMVS Online site needs to do more than enroll for their service in the name of license renewal. That’s the reason, people are canceling its services. 

To cancel your AMVS Online membership, directly go to their official website under the Account Settings page, when you log into your account. 

For getting more methods to cancel your plan, read this entire article. 

What Information Is Provided By AMVS Online?

AMVS Online is a website in which the history or record of your vehicle is maintained or stored. You will get to view all of your information about your vehicle on this website. They can display the information of the state and city, in which your vehicle is registered. 

If you have taken the AMVS Online services, then you will get regular notifications about your license renewal, potential fines, registration dates, and other things related to your vehicle. 

AMVS provides you with some tools to buy and sell the car, pass your driving test, see the current price of your vehicle in the market, other vehicle costs, and more.

You can take its trial membership for one day and then take its membership plan at $10.95 per month. 

How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership?

You can cancel your AMVS Online membership at any time, simply from your account. The steps to cancel are easy and quick. To cancel your service, you just need to close your AMVS Account. 

How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership With These 4 Ways- How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership?

Steps to cancel- Login to your AMVS Online Account> Navigate to the “Account Settings” page> Select the “Close Account” button. 

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How To Cancel AMVS Online Via Email?

You can also send your AMVS service by sending a cancelation Email to their team at [email protected]. In the Email, request them to cancel your service. 

Don’t forget to include necessary details about your plan as well as your contact information for verification. 

How To Cancel AMVS Online Over The Phone?

Make a call to the AMVS Online customer service telephone number at (866) 668-2973 and get connected with their service team on a call. Request them to cancel your membership. 

Provide them with your details and membership details. They will guide you further through the cancelation process and your membership will be canceled. 

How to Contact AMVS Online Via Contact Form?

If you are not in a hurry to cancel your membership, then you can access their Contact Form to submit your membership cancelation request. 

How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership With These 4 Ways- How to Contact AMVS Online Via Contact Form?

As soon as your form is submitted to their team. Within 2 days, they will contact you and then you will ask them to cancel your AMVS Online membership. They will listen to your request and guide you further to achieve the cancellation. 

Is AMVS Online Legit?

Yes, AMVS Online is a completely legit website with 100% customer satisfaction. If you check the customer reviews of this website, then you will get to know, how good is this website and what its services are.

AMVS Online got a total of 4.3-star ratings on Trustpilot from the 3,028 reviews from the people.

How To Cancel AMVS Online Membership With These 4 Ways- Is AMVS Online Legit?

Customers reviewed that the services of AMVS Online are smooth and easy. You can easily get connected with their customer service team in case of any inconvenience. Its delivery, return, services, customer support, and access, are well-prepared. That’s why, this website gained positive reviews from its customers.

Even, the Trust Score of this website is 100 out of 100, according to ScamAdvisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund After Canceling AMVS Online?

Yes, if you cancel your membership within the first 30 days of starting the plan, then you will be eligible for a refund. Contact the AMVS team and request a refund. 

Is There A Free Trial For AMVS Online?

Yes, you can try the service of AMVS Online with its one-day free trial. 

Is AMVS Online Legit?

Yes, according to the reviews on Trust Pilot, AMVS Online received 5-star ratings from the customers. So, it is a completely legit service. 

How To Contact The AMVS Online Customer Service?

In case you have queries or issues regarding your AMVS plan or service, you can contact their service team in these three effective ways. You can either call (866) 668-2973 or send an email to [email protected]
AMVS Contact Form is also provided. You can also send that form to their team for assistance. 


You have been using the AMVS Online services for a long time and now you don’t feel like paying more for its membership renewal plan. Okay!! We understand you. 

Follow any of the above methods to cancel your membership before it auto-renews itself. We hope that this article will help you with your cancelation procedure smoothly.

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