How To Cancel American Airlines Credit Card?

cancel american airlines credit card

Like other reward cards, American Airlines Credit Card also offers points that can be used to earn free flight options. But if you rarely fly and are not getting much benefit from this card then you can of course opt to cancel your American Airlines Credit Card and we will help. 

American Airlines Credit Card can help you save much while traveling by providing card members with rewards and points and other perks. You may even get reward benefits for your in-flight purchases. 

You can cancel your American Airlines Credit Card by contacting Customer Support via phone call or by visiting a bank branch location. The credit card can also be canceled by sending a mail to the company. 

How To Cancel American Airlines Credit Card?

Members can cancel their American Airlines credit card by contacting the Support team via phone call, visiting the bank branch location in person, or sending them a mail request. 

Cancel American Airlines Credit Card Via Phone Call

1. An easy way to cancel your American Airlines Credit Card is by contacting them over a phone call.

2. You can dial their Customer Support number (800) 733-2654 and follow the steps they say to get connected to a representative. 

3. When you speak to a representative, they may ask for a reason for cancelation so make sure you provide a good one. 

4. Give them your card details, account details, and other required information and they will process your cancelation. 

5. Do ask for a cancelation confirmation message from them. 

Cancel American Airlines Credit Card In Person

1. Visiting the card provider’s location in person can also help with cancelation. 

2. As you know it is Citi Bank that provides American Airlines Credit Cards so you can visit a Citi Bank Branch location in person to request a cancelation.

3. Go to the representative at the front desk and tell them that you need help with credit card cancelation. 

4. Tell them your request to cancel your American Airlines credit card and provide your card details and other information they ask for. 

5. They will surely ask you for a cancelation reason and may even try convincing you to continue using the service but you will have to show your determination for that. 

6. They will help you with cancelation and you can ask for proof for the same. 

Cancel American Airlines Credit Card Via Mail

1. If you don’t want to visit the branch location in person then you can also send a mail to American Airlines and request cancelation. 

2. Write down your request that you wish to cancel your American Airlines Credit Card and also add your card number, card details, account details, and all needed. 

3. After you are done writing the mail, you must then send it to their official address American Airlines

Credit Card

P.O. Box 7032

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7032

4. They may take some more time to process your request and when they have completed it, you will be informed about that. 

Cancel American Airlines Credit Card- FAQs

How To Make American Airlines Credit Card Payment?

There are different ways to make American Airlines Credit Card payments and you can do so online, over a phone call, or via mail. To make payment for your Citi American Airlines credit card, sign in to your account and then hit the Make a Payment option.

To make payments via phone call, dial the Citi help number (800) 950-5114 or Barclays contact number (877) 523-0478. You can also send your payments via mail to the card provider’s address. 

How Can I Contact American Airlines Credit Card Customer Service?

For your queries related to the American Airlines Credit Card, you can contact their Customer Support department by visiting the American Airlines Contact Us page and getting all the contact details there. You can either send a mail or give them a phone call. 

Wrap Up

If you travel frequently then American Airlines credit card can provide you with various travel benefits, rewards, and points. But if you don’t travel much or are taking a break, or maybe you have found better services elsewhere, then you can cancel the card by following the steps discussed above. 

You can also get in touch with the American Airlines Credit Card Customer Support team and they will help you with it. 

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