How To Cancel Amazon Flex Block?

How To Cancel Amazon Flex Block?

Amazon delivery agents sign up for the Amazon Flex program to work at their convenient time. But, sometimes due to some reason, you’ll have to cancel Amazon Flex Block. Let’s understand its cancelation methods easily. 

Amazon Flex is a program started by Amazon in which the delivery agents have to deliver Amazon parcels in a set period, called Blocks. On completing the target at the right time, agents will also get rewards from Amazon. If you want to know how you can cancel your block, then here’s what you have to do. 

You can cancel your Amazon Flex Block 44 minutes & 59 seconds before its start time directly from your Amazon Flex App. 

Can You Cancel Your Amazon Flex Block?

Yes, you can cancel your Amazon Flex Block. Many Amazon delivery partners do this as well. If you think you are not able to complete your target or even in the middle of the target, you got some other important work. 

Then, in any circumstance, you can open your Amazon Flex App, and cancel your Amazon Flex block with the steps which we gonna explain in the below heading. 

How To Cancel Amazon Flex Block?

Follow these easy steps to cancel your Amazon Flex Block.

  • First, you have to open your Amazon Flex App (which they can use to manage deliveries on time). 
  • Then, click on the Calendar option
  • When the calendar opens, select the date on which you want to cancel the block
  • Now, select the Block you wanna cancel and tap on the “Forfeit This Time” option on the next page. 
  • Then, “Swipe To Forfeit” 
  • Make sure that your Block must be canceled 44 minutes & 59 seconds before their start time. 

How To Cancel Amazon Flex Account?

If you permanently want to get away from the Amazon Flex program, then you can cancel or delete your Amazon Flex Account permanently. Follow these steps to cancel your Amazon Flex Account. 

  • To start with your deletion process, you have to go to your Amazon Flex App.
  • As soon as you enter your Amazon Flex App, you have to go to your Account section
  • From your Account section, click on the Delete your Account button 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can I Get Started With My Amazon Flex Service?

As soon as you fill out your basic information and your background is properly checked or verified with their team, then you can start with your Amazon Flex program. This process can usually take 5-10 working days. 

What Should I Do If My Account Is Deactivated?

Amazon has full right to deactivate your Amazon Flex Account if you fail to follow their terms & condition at any point. If you still have some issues with this notice, then you can send them an email at [email protected] within 10 days of getting the notice. 

How To Contact Amazon Flex Customer Service?

For Driver Support, drivers can open the Amazon Flex App and choose the option “Call Driver Support” to get connected with their team members in any kind of issue. You can also send an email to [email protected] 


We hope that now you must understand that canceling Amazon Flex Block is a pretty simple process and you can easily do it on your own from Amazon Flex App. Make sure that you cancel your block only in the case of urgency. 

Otherwise, your account must be disabled by the Amazon Flex team, if you canceled too many blocks within 45 minutes without any notice. Canceling the block at the last moment is not possible because it takes time to cancel any block completely. 

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