How To Cancel Acti-Tech Limited Subscription?

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Limited Subscription?

Do you have an Acti-Tech Ltd. Subscription? Acti-Tech Limited plays an important role in the ICT industry. It focuses mainly on designing, marketing, sales, installing, and maintaining a broad range of ICT systems. 

But, no matter how good the services of Acti-Tech are, there comes a time when you no longer need its subscription and want to cancel it. Here, we are going to tell you some ways to cancel Acti-Tech Limited Subscription. 

To cancel the Acti-Tech Limited subscription, you need to contact its customer support team and request them for cancellation. 

Later in this article, you will get to know the effective modes to connect with their team and cancel your subscription. 

Can You Cancel Acti-Tech Limited Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the Acti-Tech Subscription. There is no direct or online way to cancel the subscription. The only effective information that we have is the contact modes of Acti-Tech. 

In the below headings, we gonna show you the different modes to contact the Acti-Tech Team. Choose one of the methods, get connected with their team, and cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Ltd. Subscription By Calling?

The effective and quickest method to connect with the Acti-Tech customer care team is to make a call to their required phone numbers. 

+234 805 763 3171 or +234 805 763 3079

Dial any of these numbers and when you are connected with the Acti-Tech team member, ask them to cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Ltd. Subscription Via Email?

The other way to cancel the Acti-Tech Subscription is to contact their customer care team via Email. Compose a cancelation email with the subject line “Request To Cancel Acti-Tech Subscription”. 

Include all the important subscription details as well as your contact details in the Email. 

The Email Address of Acti-Tech Ltd. For different office locations- 

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Subscription Via Contact Form?

Acti-Tech also provides its customers with a Contact Form. In case of any issue, you can fill out the form and send it to their team. 

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Limited Subscription- How To Cancel Acti-Tech Subscription Via Contact Form?

Open the Acti-Tech Ltd. Contact Form> Fill out the basic required information (Name, Email, Company, Address, Your Position)> Enter the cancelation subscription in the Subject box> Click on the Send button. 

After that, your form will be submitted to their team and they will contact you. 

How To Cancel Acti-Tech Subscription By Mail?

Compose a proper cancellation letter by including all the subscription-related information on it. Clearly indicate your subscription cancelation request in the letter. 

Send that composed letter to the following Mailing Address. 

Abuja-Corporate Office Address

ACTI House

No. 16 Djibouti Crescent, 

Off Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, 

Wusu 2 Abuja.

Lagos Office Address

No. 23, Amore Street,

Off Toyin Street

Ikeja, Lagos 

How To Turn Off The Recurring Payments System From Your Credit Card/PayPal?

Sometimes, customers complain that, even after canceling their subscriptions, their credit cards will get charged with the subscription billing cycles. Well!! That must be because your credit card is set in the automatic recurring payments systems. 

If your Acti-Tech Subscription is renewed after every new billing cycle, the subscription cost is automatically deducted from your Credit Card. Then, you need to contact the Credit Card issuer company and ask them to stop the automatic recurring payments system from your Credit Card. 

If you are using PayPal, to purchase the Acti-Tech subscription, then you have to turn off the recurring payments from the PayPal Account.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acti-Tech Ltd. Refund Policy?

Acti-Tech Ltd. does provide refunds. But, its refund policy depends upon the type of services provided to the customer. The company allows refunds for product-based services if any of the items is defective or damaged. 
For service-based, refunds are not allowed by Acti-Tech Ltd.

How Long Do Acti-Tech Ltd. Refunds Take?

Acti-Tech Ltd. Refunds usually take 14 business days to be credited to your account. 

How To Contact The Acti-Tect Ltd. Customer Service?

To contact the Acti-Tech Ltd. customer care team, you can either call their number at +234 805 763 3171 or +234 805 763 3079 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also fill out the Acti-Tech Contact Form and reach out to their team with your issues. 


The goal of the Acti-Tech Ltd. company is to provide the best ICT Tools to its customers as well as different organizations and they are working hard for it. They provide both product-based and service-based purchases. 

If you want to cancel your subscription and stop the delivery of their ICT products, then contact their customer service team and ask them for cancelation.

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