How To Cancel AARP Membership? Easy Guide!

Cancel AARP Membership

If you think that you do not need your AARP membership anymore in your retirement age or maybe you have found a better option, so you should just cancel your AARP membership and get back all the money in your AARP account. 

There are certain non-profit organizations that are for people who are approaching their retirement age, and one of them is AARP, applicable only in the United States. If you are or have someone in your family who is aged, then this subscription is a great deal for you as you will be eligible for various healthcare and travel discounts, and even entertainment. 

To cancel your AARP membership, you can either call on their customer service number and request the termination of the subscription. Alternatively, you can also send a mail to the official address of AARP in which you have to mention your request for the cancelation of your membership and they will soon process it. 

To know in detail all possible methods for canceling your subscription to AARP and to know whether or not you will receive a refund, just keep reading this article. 

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How To Cancel AARP Membership?

There are two ways in which your AARP membership can be terminated. We will explain both methods to you right below so you can check each of them and proceed with the one you are convenient in. 

How To Cancel Your AARP Membership Over The Phone? AARP Customer Service

The first and most straightforward method for the termination of your membership in AARP is by contacting the customer service of AARP via the phone. 

So, all you need to do with this method is dial the customer service number of AARP on your phone which is 800-514-4564 and you will be connected to a customer support executive to speak with. You can ask them to cancel your subscription to AARP.

They will process your request and ask you for some important details related to your membership, so provide them with the details. 

They will soon cancel your membership in AARP. Make sure that you ask them to provide you with the eligible refunds and a confirmation message that your subscription has been canceled. 

Remember that the calling customer service of AARP is only available on weekdays, that is from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST, so make your call within this time only, or else nobody will receive it. 

How To Cancel Your AARP Membership Via Mail?

If you do not prefer the calling option for canceling your subscription to AARP, then you have another choice. You can also mail your cancelation request to their official address. 

Below is the address provided to which you will be required to mail your request for canceling your membership in AARP.


3200 East Carson ST. 

Lakewood, CA 90712

Attn: Cancel Membership.

While you compose the mail, make sure that you enter all the necessary details related to your AARP subscription and mention that you would also expect the eligible refund from them as well. 

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How To Cancel AARP Membership Of A Deceased Person?

If someone in your family has died and they had been subscribed to AARP, then you will have to go through a somewhat different procedure for the termination of their membership. 

In this case, you will be required to head to their online website where you will get a form to fill out. Alternatively, you are also allowed to call the customer service of AARP or write to them and explain the whole matter. 

Make sure that you have the name and address of the deceased person. And, you will also be asked to provide either the birth date or the membership number of the person whose membership you are canceling. 

Your personal details will also be taken up by AARP, especially your name and your relationship with the deceased person. 

Can I Get A Refund On Canceling AARP?

Yes, if there is any remaining balance that you have on your account at the time of canceling your membership on AARP, then you will be given a refund once your membership is successfully terminated. The refund amount will be transferred to the same account that has been linked with your AARP account. 

Does AARP Have A Monthly Fee?

Yes, there is a monthly subscription amount that all the members of AARP are required to pay. The amount is just $16 per month. So, whether you are a joiner or are renewing your existing AARP membership, in both cases, you will have to pay the same amount. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope that you were easily able to cancel the membership to AARP that you had taken up or that one of your now-deceased family members had been subscribed to.

If there is any other membership that you are having a hard time canceling, then we are always here to assist you with it, all you need to do is let us know in the comments. 

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