How To Cancel AAA Membership? Have You Tried These Steps?

Cancel AAA Membership

Are you planning to terminate the services and your membership in AAA? If you are determined to end the services then we can help you cancel your AAA membership by providing you with the effective steps to complete your cancellation procedure. 

The roadside assistance provided by AAA is popular among many. You can also get several offers and discounts on vacation packages, car rentals, cellular service, and much more from the platform. Your coverage plans can vary according to your location and you can select the membership according to the benefits provided. 

If you no longer require the AAA membership plan then you can cancel it by calling their representatives and requesting them to cancel your membership or turn off the Auto Renewal option from your account.

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AAA Membership Plans And Charges

Few of the benefits are available for all the members but to get access to special perks and benefits, you will have to purchase the membership plans. Select the membership plan perfect for you and get all the special benefits of AAA. 

Subscription PlanCharges
AAA Classic$59.99 per year
AAA Plus$94.99 per year
AAA Premier $119.99 per year

There are three membership plans of AAA that you can purchase for a year and get the benefits accordingly. Do remember that these prices can vary with your location. 

The AAA Classic membership plan can be purchased for $59.99 per year. Some of the benefits of this membership plan include several discounts, identity theft monitoring, roadside assistance, car lock-out services, etc. 

The AAA Plus membership plan is available at $94.99 per year. The several features of this membership plan include an additional level of coverage and lost baggage insurance apart from the benefits provided by the Classic membership plan.  

The AAA Premier membership plan can be purchased for $119.99 per year. With the benefits mentioned above, the members can get trip interruption coverage, free one-day rental car, travel accident insurance, etc. 

How Do I Cancel My AAA Membership?

You can easily cancel your AAA membership plan by contacting member services.

1. Dial AAA member service number 833-545-5021.

2. You will be put in touch with one of their representatives. 

3. Request them that you wish to cancel your AAA membership plan. 

4. Provide them with your details and follow the steps as directed by them. 

5. Ask them to send you a confirmation message when they are done with your membership cancellation. 

If you are aware of any of their nearby offices then you can also pay a visit there. Talk to the representative there and tell them about your decision to cancel your membership. They will inform you about the correct steps to complete the procedure. 

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How Do I Cancel AAA Auto-Renewal?

If you want to stop the auto-renewal of your AAA membership plan then you can cancel it by calling the member services or through your online account

1. Visit the official website and then log in to your AAA account. 

2. Now click on the Manage Renewal option on the screen page. 

3. Now select Turn Off Automatic Renewal to remove your credit card information from the account. This will prevent any kind of automatic payments from your account. 

You can also cancel your Auto-renewal by dialing their Member service number 1-800-922-8228. Follow the steps as prompted and you will be able to cancel your AAA auto-renewal. 

Cancel AAA Roadside Assistance- FAQs

How To Downgrade AAA Membership?

Follow these steps to downgrade your AAA Membership- Login to the Account> Click on the Downgrade link from your Account dashboard> Select the new level and downgrade your service.

Is There Any AAA Insurance Cancellation Fee?

No, AAA does not disclose any kind of membership cancellation fee. However, if you want more details then you can contact their member services and learn more about their membership cancellation policy or cancellation fee if any. 

How Do I Contact AAA Customer Service?

For your membership details or online support regarding your AAA membership, you can dial 1-800-922-8228 or 888-929-2911.

You can also visit the Contact Us page of AAA and find out other contact numbers available for your specific queries. 

Can You Get A Refund For Canceling AAA Membership?

If members cancel their AAA Membership within 30 days of joining the membership, then they will receive a full refund.

Wrap Up

You can get special coverage for your vehicle and numerous other benefits with roadside assistance and more with AAA. More benefits and features would be available for you with an AAA membership purchase.

But if you no longer want to continue with your AAA membership then you can follow the membership cancellation steps discussed above in detail. For more of your related queries, contact the Customer Support department. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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