How To Cancel A Love Holidays Holiday? Will You Get A Refund?

cancel a love holidays holiday

Did you book a special holiday deal with Love Holidays? It seems that you faced some issues with the services provided by them and thus are searching for modes to cancel it. No worries, if you are determined to make a cancellation then we will help you with it. 

Love Holidays is a platform that allows you to book an amazing holiday with your loved ones at some great destinations. From the Love Holiday’s website, you can select the destination you want to visit, choose the departure airport location, the dates, and more. 

Customers will be able to cancel their Holiday at Love Holidays by visiting the Manage My Booking section on the official website or also on their Android and iOS devices if they made a booking via the platform application. 

Cancel Love Holidays Holiday- Terms & Conditions

Customers are able to cancel their bookings anytime before their departure. You will have to pay the cancellation fee and it varies according to different aspects. 

  • Any of your cancellations will have a cancellation processing fee of about £75 per Package booking. You will be charged around £25 for hotel-only bookings
  • For your flight bookings, 100% of the value of the flights is completely non-refundable since the booking. 
  • For accommodations, the cancellation charges will strictly depend on your bookings, whether you have booked a refundable product or have reserved a non-refundable one. 
  • For transfers, 100% of the value of the transfers is strictly non-refundable since the booking. 

How To Cancel A Love Holidays Holiday?

If you already booked a Holiday with Love Holidays but no longer wish to continue with the booking for any reason then you can cancel it online from the official website or via the Love Holidays app on your iOS or Android devices. 

1. To cancel Love Holidays’ booking online from the official website, you must visit the Manage My Bookings section and provide your booking details.

2. There you will see your active booking details and an option to cancel it.

3. Select the Cancel Booking option and terminate your holiday reservations. 

4. You can also cancel your booking from the Love Holidays app if you installed it on your mobile device. 

5. For that you must first open the application on your device and then sign in to your account. 

6. Now navigate to the Manage Booking section there and scroll down the page till you see the Cancel booking option there. 

7. As you hit the Cancel Booking option, you will be given details regarding your cancellation costs, refunds, and more. 

8. Accept and Submit your cancellation request and then you are done. 

Cancel Love Holidays Holiday- FAQs

How Long Do You Have To Cancel A Holiday With Love Holidays?

Customers are allowed to cancel their bookings anytime before their departure. You will be charged with cancellation fee accordingly. However, you might not be able to make changes to your bookings within 5 days of the reservations. 

How Do I Get A Full Refund From Love Holidays?

If the flight for your departure has been canceled then you will receive a refund from Love Holidays. For that, you will have to submit a refund request to them. Sign in to your Love Holidays application and hit the Manage Booking option. 

Now choose Amend Flight and then select Inform Us Of A Cancellation. They will process your refund immediately after they receive your request. If cancellation was prior to your holiday then you will get a refund in about 14 days. 

What Happens If You Miss A Love Holiday Payment? Love Holidays Missed Payment

Whenever customers miss a payment, Love Holiday will take the payment the next day. Their Credit Control team will inform the customers regarding the same via email and they will have to arrange payment accordingly. 

However, if the customers still haven’t paid for their booking then it will be canceled about 6-10 days prior to their departure date.

How Can I Contact Love Holidays Customer Service? Love Holidays Contact Number

If you have inquiries related to your bookings then you can contact Love Holidays by dialing their help number 01234 230 440. You can also visit the Love Holidays Contact Us page and get all the contact-related details there.

Wrap Up

You can make your holiday bookings with Love Holidays but if you already used the services and are not a huge fan then you should immediately cancel it by following the above-mentioned steps. Contact Love Holidays Customer Support for more details. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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