How To Cancel 1st Central Insurance? 3 Proven Methods!!

How To Cancel 1st Central Insurance? 3 Proven Methods!!

It seems like you have just taken the 1st Central Car Insurance Policy and in the meanwhile you can have got better coverage in your budget than the 1st Central Policy. Now, you must be thinking about ways to cancel 1st Central Policy, so you can go for the other overage. 

1st Central is a car or motor insurance company that provides you with the best car insurance coverage at affordable prices. You can choose the cover from the selected options, that best suit you. So, if you’re considering getting car insurance for the first time but are overwhelmed by the number of insurance providers available, just buy a 1st Central policy and cancel it whenever you’d like (in the event that you’re not satisfied with the service). 

You can cancel your 1st Central Insurance Policy online from Your Account, or by getting the help of their customer service team over a “phone call” or via the “web chat” support feature. 

Can You Cancel 1st Central Insurance Within 14 Days?

Yes, you can cancel your 1st Central Insurance Policy at any time. But, if you cancel within the first 14 days of purchasing it, then you will be entitled to a full refund after canceling the insurance. 

How To Cancel 1st Central Insurance Online?

As your 1st Central Insurance works on an auto-renew system, means your insurance renews automatically for your new billing term. So, to cancel your insurance, you need to turn off its auto-renew option from your 1st Central Account. Make sure that you can cancel your insurance policy before 30 days of your new billing cycle. 

Steps to cancel online include- Go to 1st Central Website> Log in to Your Account> Search for the Auto-Renew Option> Click on it and disable the auto-renew option> Your insurance will stop auto-renewing itself. 

How To Cancel 1st Central Insurance Over The Phone?

If you are facing any technical issues while canceling your insurance online, then the other way to cancel your 1st Central Insurance is by talking directly to one of their customer service team members and asking for their help in cancelation. 

Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth insurance cancelation over the phone-

  • Connect with their customer service team by making a call at 1st Central Contact Number at 0333 043 2055 
  • Wait for their team member to connect with you on call. It will take some time.
  • When you got connected, then clearly tell them you want to cancel your insurance.
  • They will ask you the reason for canceling the policy. You can tell them the reason if you want to.
  • Provide them with your insurance policy details and proceed further with the cancelation steps. 
  • After verifying your identity and reviewing your insurance policy, their team member will end your insurance coverage. 

How To Cancel 1st Central Insurance Policy Via Web Chat?

You can also contact their customer service team via web chat service if you don’t want to connect with them over a phone call. 

Just go to their Help Page> Tap the Web Chat option from the bottom right side> Click on the Start Chat button> Start your chat by typing your question first. 

1st Central Customer Service Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm

Bank Holidays: 10 am to 4 pm. 

How Much Do You Charge If I Cancel My 1st Central Insurance Policy?

You have to pay some amount of cancellation fee for canceling or making changes to your 1st Central Insurance Policy. If you cancel your insurance after 14 days of your policy start date, then a cancelation fee of $50 is applied for cancelation. 

Fees For Making Changes To Your Policy

  • Make an online change: $25
  • Make a change via phone call or chat: $30

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get A Refund If I Cancel My 1st Central Car Insurance?

If you cancel your 1st Central Insurance within 14 days of your policy start, then you will get a pro-rata refund, which means you will only be charged for that amount of time, they will serve you without paying any cancelation fee. 

If you cancel your 1st Central Insurance after 14 days, then you will also receive a pro-rata refund and you also have to pay a certain amount of cancelation fee. 

How Do I Contact The 1st Central Customer Service Team?

You can access its Web Chat feature from the 1st Central Website to get their help in all kinds of services. 

Contact Details of their team related to different services are-

Customer Service: 0333 043 2066

Sales: 0333 043 2044

Renewals: 0333 043 2055

New Claims: 0333 043 2011

Existing Claim: 0333 043 2022 or [email protected] 

Installment Enquiries: 0333 043 2088


If you want to shift to another car insurance policy coverage, then you need to cancel 1st Central insurance first. We hope that now you do not face any difficulty in canceling your 1st Central car insurance as the provided steps are effective and easy. Also Know, how to cancel Motor Trend Subscription. Also Know, how to cancel Motor Trend Subscription.

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