How To Cancel Caktus AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Caktus AI Subscription?

You take the Caktus AI Subscription accidentally and now you are not finding its subscription useful. Don’t Worry!! We will find out something for you that can help you to cancel Caktus AI Subscription. 

Caktus AI is the best platform for students to learn. You can create essays from this tool within seconds as well and students can learn coding with it at their own comfort. If students make the best use of this AI tool, then they can seriously learn many new things. 

You can cancel Caktus AI Subscription from your Caktus Account by tapping on the Cancel Subscription button under the Billings tab. Getting in contact with the Caktus Customer Support Team can also be a good option to cancel. 

Can I Cancel My Caktus AI Subscription?

Yes, you can be able to cancel the Caktus AI Subscription at any time. Your subscription will automatically renew when its current subscription period ends. 

So, make sure that you cancel the Caktus Subscription at least 24 hours before it renews automatically and charges you for it. 

Once, you are charged for it, there is no possibility for you to get back refund for that subscription, even after its cancelation.

How To Cancel Caktus AI Subscription Online?

Follow these steps to cancel the Caktus AI Subscription. 

  1. Go to the Caktus AI Website
  1. Login to your Caktus Account
  1. Click on your profile icon from the corner of the screen
  1. Click on the Billing option from the drop-down section
  1. Navigate to the Plans section and click on Manage Plans
  1. Then, tap the Cancel Subscription button
  1. Confirm your Caktus AI Subscription cancelation

How To Cancel Caktus AI Subscription Via Email?

You can send your cancelation request to the Caktus Team their Email address at [email protected] and ask for their help in canceling the subscription. 

Their team will definitely help you to cancel your Caktus Subscription and will contact you as soon as they receive your Email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Caktus AI Free To Use?

No, Caktus AI is not free. You can take its subscription to access its services. 

How Much Does Caktus Subscription Cost?

You will get Caktus Subscription service at $14.99 per month & $99.99 per year

Can You Get A Refund From Caktus?

Caktus does not provide any refund, once you have purchased the subscription from it. For any questions related to the refund policy, you can contact their team at [email protected] 

How To Contact Caktus Customer Service?

If you have any issues related to your Caktus AI services or plans, then you can contact the Caktus customer support team at any time via [email protected] 


Due to the unavailability of its free trial, most people take the paid subscription of Caktus by mistake. If you also made the same mistake, then no need to worry in that situation. 

You can now cancel your Caktus Subscription with the online steps mentioned above or their customer service team is always ready to provide you assistance in any circumstance.  You can also cancel the Kaktus AI Subscription.

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