How To Cancel Araby AI Subscription? 4 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Araby AI Subscription? 4 Effective Methods!!

We hope that the Araby AI Platform proves to be useful for you and provides you with the best services. But, if there is any chance that you want to cancel Araby AI Subscription, then here are some methods for that. 

Araby is an all-in-one AI-based website that provides you with an Araby GPT platform. Yes, you can use this platform for different services and tasks. With their built-in AI function, they can complete all of your tasks. 

You have almost 4 ways to cancel your Araby AI Subscription- Online, Email, Phone Call, or Contact Form. 

Do you want to know the detailed explanation of each of these methods? Don’t Worry!! We covered everything in this article. 

Araby AI Subscription Pricing

Well!! There is no doubt that Araby AI provides you with the best services in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

But to unlock the potential of this platform, you can go for its paid subscription plans, which provide you with special benefits. 

Take a Look at this table and you will get a better understanding of Araby’s Subscription Plans.

Araby Individual Plans

Individual PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Trial FreeFree
Basic $12.99$140

Araby Business Plans

Business Plans Monthly PriceAnnual Price
Teams $399$359
Enterprise $899$809

How To Cancel Araby AI Subscription Plan?

If you are thinking of canceling your Araby Subscription, then you can cancel your subscription online by logging into your Araby Account. 

Within your Account, you will find the Cancel Subscription option. Follow the steps and cancel the subscription. Cancelation will only take effect when your current subscription month ends. 

Apart from online cancelation, we have other effective ways to cancel the subscription. Take a look at the below headings. 

Cancel Araby Subscription Via Email

If you have any kind of dissatisfaction with Araby Subscription Services, and no longer want to continue with its services, then cancel the subscription via Email. 

Yes, send a cancelation Email to the Araby customer service team at [email protected]. Make sure that the Email must contain all the information that will be required by their team for cancelation. 

Cancel Araby Subscription On Call

The other and most effective method to cancel the Araby Subscription is by simply getting in touch with their service team and asking them to cancel the subscription. 

Make a simple phone call to their support team on this number +971554181928 and submit your request to cancel the subscription. 

Cancel Araby Subscription Via The Contact Form

How To Cancel Araby AI Subscription? 4 Effective Methods- Cancel Araby Subscription Via The Contact Form

Araby provides a Contact Form to their users to submit their issues to their team. You can also use this form to submit your cancelation request. 

For this, open the form> Enter your Name> Email Address> Select Cancel Subscription from the “What’s your issue” drop-down menu> Type a short Message> Click Send button. 

As soon as you select the “Cancel Subscription” option from the drop-down menu, you will automatically be redirected to the Cancel Subscription page where you will get the steps to cancel the subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Subscribe To A Monthly Plan, Will I Be Charged Automatically Next Month?

Yes, Araby’s Monthly Subscription plans will renew automatically after every new billing cycle until you cancel or pause them. 

How To Contact Araby Customer Service?

If you want to get support from the Araby Service Team, you can contact them at  +971554181928 or via [email protected] 
If you are having some Login or Account issues, then the Araby Contact Form is also available for you. 


No doubt, Araby provides a better service to its users. But, still, there comes a point, when you have to cancel its subscription. 

If you are on that point too, then follow our above-mentioned steps to cancel the Araby Subscription. You can also cancel your Astria AI Subscription.

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